Wednesday, July 1, 2009

{shut up and kiss me!}

My mom introduced me to Mary Chapin Carpenter many years ago and I can't get enough of this cd and this song right now! I think I must miss my husband! ;)


Ashlee said...

this is so funny! my mom has loved country since patsy cline, and she use to LOVE this song. She would sing it with the oldsmobile windows down! Now, I'm going to call her and see if she remembers :) Stopping by! Love your blog! :)

cathycan said...

She is one cool chick! And that c.d. rocks. I like to think of her as a "thinking woman's" country ; )

The Russells said...

Thank you for the sweet comment...completely made my day! Hope all is well with you too! Keep up the great blogging!