Saturday, July 25, 2009

{Pioneer Day}

In Utah, we celebrate Pioneer Day on the 24th of July. It commemorates the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th, 1847.

For my husband and I, it also commemorates the celebration of one of America's most beloved traditions- the Demolition Derby!

*insert hill-billy banjo music here*

After all, it wouldn't be the 24th of July with out a family BBQ, fireworks, and old clunky cars beating the heck out of each other, now would it?
And at this derby, they don't just serve your typical hot dog & peanuts. No, this small town serves Dutch Oven Chicken Sandwiches and fresh peas! Don't you love the pea guy's costume? I wish we had bought some!


Lisa K said...

Where is the demolition derby at? Joe and I were just talking about how we've never been to one and we'd like to go.

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Ha! Gotta love the demolition derby. I've actually only been once -- a sad, sad shame! Is this at the SL County Fairgrounds? That was the one I went to - when I worked for the County Parks & Rec dept, I got free tickets and that is when I went! It was way fun! I miss not being in UT for the 24th... it just comes and goes here in CA!

Cody said...

My dad has a demolition derby trophy. My uncle and two cousins also participated in the same match. (Match? Race?)

I haven't been since I was in the single-digits.

Julie said...

What a fun time! We just purchased tickets for the county fairs demolition derby. My little grandson that is going to be three is so excided that we are going for his birthday.

Scott and Lindsey said...

I have always wanted to go, but never have.
My life is sad :(
Ok, it is happy, but it would be happier with a Demolition Derby under my belt.

Shayner and Ern said...

ha ha! how classic