Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{Happy Birthday Mom!}

Today is my mom's birthday and had to pay tribute to the most beautiful, wonderful, sweetest person I know.

A few reasons why I love my mom...
~ She keeps it real- My mom is the most genuine person I know.
~ Everything in me that is artistic, I inherited from her.
~ She loves gardens & gardening, and she has created a beautiful yard. Proof is here...
~ Mama didn't raise no fool, and she is no fool herself! Anytime I have a question about spelling, math, etc she is the one I turn to!
~ She is smart and witty!
~ My mom has taught me valuable life lessons about relationships, friends, work, and how to be a better person.
~ I love spending time with her. Even when I was little we went on little outings together and have continued that tradition into adulthood.
~ I learned all of my thrifting & scavenging tricks from her!
~ She is the epitome of a good friend, mother, and wife.
~ She's my mom.
Happy Birthday Mom!
I love you!!!
I think the Boyz say it best....
Mama you're the queen heart! Lovin' you is like food to my soul!


Mands Glenn said...

You made me miss my Mama. She reminds me alot of my Mom and the things you said. I'm sure you weren't too bad of a daughter growing up either. Sweet post!

cathycan said...

oh... thanks Shan!!
Mmm, mmm, mmm, love those Boyz! You know how to pick 'em! I can imagine us riding in the car together, hearing this song and bawling, hehe. Such a GREAT song! Right up there with Tupac's Dear Mama. Have to cry at least a little when you listen to boys singing about their mamas!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I thought lunch at Trio was the perfect gift, but here you go spoiling me..I love my Shushulee!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Happy Birthday Cathy! I love your mom!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, indeed. she seems like a really great and wonderful woman!

i miss boy II men!!

lifeinredshoes said...

Here Here! What a wonderful tribute to class act woman. I am blessed to call her my friend.

Kim said...

That is very sweet, Shannon. Tell your mom happy birthday from the Fairbourns!

sarah marie p said...

Aww! This is the sweetest ever! You and your mom have the best relationship. It's so wonderful how you're such good friends! Happy birthday design gal's mama!

Lindsey said...

Your mom is the cutest ever. Wish her happy b-day for me!