Thursday, June 4, 2009

{garden tour}

Does anyone want to go to the Garden Tour with me next Friday or Saturday? My mom usually goes and I've always wanted to, so I thought this year I would! Especially now that I have a place to garden!
Let me know soon and I can get us tickets! Maybe we can even go thrifting that day!

It's in Utah County on Friday: noon-8pm & Saturday: 10-8pm
Tell me what day works for you!
I can drive up to 5 people in my car! The more the merrier!


cathycan said...

Soo much fun and it's in the North half of Utah county! Maybe the cool Lindon house and all the fabu alpine houses! I love the garden show! Hope you find a partner! wish I could go but we'll be on our way to Alaska. is hard.

The Stewarts said...

Shan, I might be able to go. I'll talk to Wes and see what's going on...sounds wonderfful. I am a total yard rat. Come over sometime and I'll divide some plants for you. You're not far from where I live now. :) Write me on facebook or e-mail me at megative_11 at yahoo dot com.
PS - how much are tickets?

Brit said...

If I were in SLC I would totally want to go...

Or wait is this over...if so, was it fuN?