Thursday, May 28, 2009

{currently happening}

One would think we're alcoholics if you look closely at the boxes, but that's the best place to find good sized boxes!

We're half way finished packing...STRESS!

Hmm...It's time like these when I do wish I drank because this girl could use a margarita right about now!


cathycan said...

Hahahaha! Moving sucks! But boxes from the liquor store ARE the best, if not just to freak your new neighbors out! Apple boxes are good, too. Hey! How 'bout an Apple Martini!
OK!! folks! You KNOW we don't drink!! Don't worry! Only Diet Coke for us! ;^)

Suzanne said...

Margarita? Come over here, I've got the good stuff. The Farmer brought back 100 Anos Reposada Tequila the last time he visited the farms in Mexico.

Give me a minute to find the blender and we'll be in business.

BTW - I LOVE that little stool covered in leopard print...and the chair covered in toile. Are you sure you don't want to have a garage sale and start fresh?

- Suzanne

katiepaisley said...

That computer chair is soooooo darling! Good luck packing. I hate it more than anything, but at least you will be in the same place for awhile.

The J J Glenn Family said...

I hate packing. YuCK!! Have fun getting into your new place. So exciting.

*jimaie.marie* said...

ohhh yuck, unpacking. I don't envy this part! But everything else? YES! I so envy!! :D Good luck with all that unpacking, i'm so excited to see how you make this place your own!
Also? gimme that leopard stool!

Barry Cann said...

That big, mean looking armoire (totally misspelled) is the only piece of furniture I've ever truly hated.

I'm glad you're all moved in now.