Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{two new loves}

I found this baby at D.I. She came in the most adorable carrying case, straight out of the 60's! Inside was a flash, some bulbs (for a different camera), and this little Brownie. Don't hate- if it makes you feel any better, I think I paid too much. I'm pretty sure you can buy them on the cheap on ebay! And when I say cheap, I mean for like $8 with shipping. I snagged this one for $15 (doesn't that seem like a lot for a thrift store?)
And since we're talking about cameras, I am lovin' my new Nikon! Now, I just need to figure out how to use it- anyone want to give me any pointers?
I'll swap camera lessons for upholstery lessons!


Claire said...

Which Nikon did you end up getting?? Did you post about it? Somehow I missed that...

Obviously, I live a little far away to help you learn to use it {though I wish I lived closer! I would love to learn to upholster!} and since I'm still learning the digital aspect of mine {I've used an SLR for YEARS! Its the digital part that I'm figuring out} I figured I could at least share the places that have helped me the most...

www.thepioneerwoman.com/photography is amazing. Also, any books by Bryan Peterson will be great help- Understanding Exposure, Understanding Digital Photography... And of course, the camera manual. Its dry reading, but the best place to learn the ins and outs of your specific camera. And the website Digital Photography School, http://digital-photography-school.com/ is awesome too. Have fun with your new camera!

Karlie said...

I need some thrift store lessons. You always find the finds! You will laugh, I went to DI and found this chair! I was so excited, brought it home and was ready to re-cover the seat with some funky IKEA fabric. Mike comes home and says, "isn't that just an old kitchen chair?" I was crushed! Anyway, I don't know a good find I guess.

Tara said...

You always find such great deals at te DI!! I love your little finding.

shan said...

Karlie, it might look like "just an old kitchen chair" but let's spice it up! I'll help you! For sure, let's go thrifting one of these days!

.caroline armelle. said...

great find! i love d.i. !

thanks for your comment!

i stocked up quite a bit on my indian spices at a store when i lived in the midwest.

in slc, i think there are a few indian grocery stores. i'd google it, i bet you'll find something.
there may be one on foothill if it is still there?
good luck!

Scott and Lindsey said...

Very cute!

Evonne said...

Thanks for your comment on the bachelor post on my blog! I must confess, I too visit your blog thru amanda's! I think you have such great style and taste (obviously, the bachelor - haha). It's good to "meet" you! :)

*jimaie.marie* said...

you always find the BEST finds at thrift stores! Either our stores suck and your stores rock, or i just dont have the eye! ;)

I am going to check out the song you reccomended right now, I LOVE discovering new music!!
Thanks for the compliment on my header! I bought it from Jess @ Delicious Designs!
She has SO many cute designs over there! She had a stellar sale where this one was a $1-- i was so stoked! :D

Anne said...

You are cracking me up with the little statement above this little comment box.

Thanks for saying hi over at my little blog! I'm just the teeniest embarrassed because I've been a total snoozefest lately. Anyhoo, I love discovering new people.

I gasped when I saw the picture of your Brownie. It is beautiful! Does it work?? Oh man, now I feel like I NEED one. My holga needs a new friend, I think she's lonely. I'll have to scour ebay or something.