Wednesday, February 18, 2009

{cha cha cha changes!!}

The picture below is how my bed room looks right now. A bit of a hodge podge right? Well, my friends, changes are soon to come! I'm almost finished with the new duvet cover (which I will post about), but I still need to decide what I want to do with the pillows, the lamps, drapes, etc. I feel like it's harder for me to design my own space, than it is for me to design others! Maybe I'm too picky, or maybe I just have so many ideas! Below is an illustration of what I want to change...tell me what you think!
~First, what do you think of the headboard? Too tall? Or is it tall and funky? I can always cut the legs down if I need to to shorten it. I also really want to add a couple of Euro shams & some more colorful pillows. I think with some big Euro shams, the headboard won't look so tall.
~I also have a bed skirt to hide the lovely bed frame!
~I'm still trying to find the perfect drapes- since the headboard is black and white, and the duvet will also be black and white, I'm adding color everywhere! Should I leave the blue drapes or find a funky, colorful print?
~As for the lamps & shades, I have the coolest, retro lamp that I am currently updating! It'll definitely be in the finished project!
~And last, do I keep the round table with the uh...shower curtain table cloth? Haha! Yes, you read that right! I loved the fabric on the shower curtain, so I just draped it over the table! Want to know something even crazier? The table underneath is actually a plastic garbage can (clean of course) tipped upside down, with a round piece of particle board for the top. Pretty creative, eh?
So that's about it. Are there any other changes you think I should make? I wish I could paint the walls, but since we're renting, that isn't an option. Any ideas for color on the walls given the circumstances? I can't wait until it's all done! Hopefully soon!


cathycan said...

I think you should take my morroed lamp. Its so stylish and chic and I really have no where to use it(since I live in dowdy-ville). also I think the head board, even with giant euro pillows, is a tad too tall. It will all look fabu when youre done, always does.

cathycan said...

ahem...M i r r o r e d .

Bethany said...

Go for some fun color, ditch the blue. IMHO

I would shorten the headboard. And then I would put a couple of frames above the headboard with fabric in them. I just saw this idea last night and am in love with it.

But then, I'm a music major. What do I know about decorating?

P.S. (Have I ever introduced myself, I'm found you through Shelley Smith. Hi!)

The Smith Family said...

I love the headboard. So cute. A little tall though. Just a tad shorter, I think. I'm so excited to see the finished product. I would go with color for all the accents. And a great fabric for the curtains. Maybe it's bc I'm not a huge fan of black and blue together. I dunno.
Hey, I have a weird question. What are you doing with your old quilt? Selling... recycling to another room... I gotta know!! I love it.
Good luck on your projects. Can't wait to see them.

shan said...

I'm going to hold onto the quilt- I got it for $30 at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago & lovedit! The tan duvet on top is from Target.

Aubrey said...

I love you for letting us all give our 2 cents about what might be done to update. First, this room has got some great anchor peices. It's already beautiful and you're right, it could just use some updating here and there. So here are my few thoughts:

1. Love the headboard. I would agree it's a tad tall.
2. Definitely add a bedskirt.
3. I would probably do something fun and funky for the draperies. But I don't think it's a must.
4. I can't wait to see the finished lampshade.
5. Definitely do some Euro shams. I lOVE Euro shams.
6. And my mom recently did something to her room that just made me go "WOW" that you could maybe incorporate into your space. She places mirrors on either side of the bed, kind of layer behind the lamps. It really looks great and with what you've already got going on in your room, I think it could look so good!

Happy decorating!

Brit said...

That's crazy that you worked with my sister - I would have to agree small world.

Well I totally love your blog, so hopefully you don't mind me stopping by :)

Jordyn + Todd said...

And then when your done... will you come to my house! You have skills girl!

Brandon and Michelle Day said...

Instead of painting, you could look into those removable sticky wall paper things. They have tons of options, I have never used them myself, but they are always talking about it on HGTV.

kelly said...

ahhahahaha I would kill if my room could look this good! good luck on the changes! if it were me, i would definitely get some cat stuffed animals for the bed... maybe a matching cat quilt too

Ashley said...

iiiii LOVE it, serious! I think the bed skirt will really finish it off, but i know what you mean about it being easier to do other peoples spaces over your own. And i love your headboard, i wouldnt change it ;)

post pics!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

So, I actually like the height of the headboard, and I agree with you -- the Euro shams would make it look a bit more proportional... but I think it's fun being tall. Definately get a fun, bright color for the curtains and perhaps the tablecloth too... It would just help it really feel funky and fun with that pop of color. The existing blue is just a bit too pale. Be sure to do a follow-up post when you are done! It'll look great no matter how you do it!

Aarika Hansen said...

Dont worry one bit about the Headboard. It is definitely not too tall! Mine look just like that, except I drilled hole through the board like pin tucks, and put cabinet hardware in, in little rows, it looks pretty cool. You could do something like that. I should post it on my blog, and you can take a look. ;)