Tuesday, January 6, 2009

{new camera}

***This is a shout out to all my photography friends that read my blog!***

I am desperate for a new camera! When the hubs and I were engaged, we decided to get a new camera to document our honeymoon and new life together. We decided to go all out and purchase .....drum roll please.... a Nikon Coolpix L11 camera! *I say "all out" sarcastically by the way* I'm so frugal, and this was a big purchase for me! When we got it 2 1/2 years ago, I was amazed with the size of the viewing screen (1 1/2" x 2") and the 6 mega pixels. Get this- it even zoomed! This was huge, considering both of our old digital cameras were 3, maybe 4 mega pixels at the most, with a 1" viewing screen! For awhile, our new camera satisfied all of my photography needs, but as I've delved more into photography and documenting our life (aka the blog), I am becoming more frustrated with the quality of pictures it produces! I usually have to take 10-12 pictures on different settings to get 1 that I sort of like!

I'm not looking to become a professional photographer, but I would like a fun, user friendly digital SLR camera that will satisfy all my camera needs!
So...what do you suggest? And how much should I plan on spending? Thanks guys!


Aubrey said...

Honestly, I don't know much about cameras, but my dear friend Mike (www.thedigitalorange.com) is a photographer and when he's not using his expensive equipment, he uses his point and shoot by Canon. It's called the Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Elph. I bought the same one and am obsessed with it. It takes the bes pictures everytime! I bought it over a year ago though so you might wanna see if they have a new version of it available. It's definitely a camera to consider. And plan on spending close to $300.

See Sherm Blog said...

Oooohhh! There is nothing better than buying your first DSLR!!

Price point is always the #1 factor when buying a camera... but if I can give you one bit of advice. Go Canon or Nikon. They are the most universal and if you ever out grow your DSLR, its much easier to upgrade a Canon or Nikon than it is to upgrade something like a Sony or Olympus. Even though they are good cameras... they are just not as widely used. 99% of the pros use either Canon or Nikon.

I would look into Canon Rebels. There are a few versions out there but b/c I shoot Nikon I don't know the model numbers. But I know they are a GREAT starter DSLR. Or look into the Nikon D60. There is one lower model (D40) and one higher too (D90) but I would think the D60 is a good starting off camera. I started with the D80 (which was replaced by the D90) and it lasted me a year, but only b/c I wanted to do it professionally. Had I decided to use it for myself and family pics only, it was MORE than enough camera for me.

Hope that helps. :-)

Shellie said...

I wanted to have a good recomendation as well. the one aubrey recommended sounded great.

Jill said...

I'd only pick Cannon over Nikon if you plan on using editing software. RAW format for Cannon is said to be a little better. Nikon is user friendly. You'll be pleased with Cannon or Nikon but plan on around $900 for the SLRs previously mentioned (D80 or Rebel.) Have fun!

Scott and Lindsey said...

I use Canon, so I'd say get the Canon Rebel. Maybe do a little research between the Canon and Nikon and see if one fits your needs a little better, because once you invest in lenses you aren't going to want to switch. I'd recommend going to Pictureline and trying the camera's out there. They might be a bit more expensive than online, but they are awesome to work with. They totally help you out if you have a problem and guarantee their products. I have been going there since my school days, so for 7 years!
Good luck!

Barry Cann said...

Shan, you know I've been extremely happy with my Nikon D40. I would recommend it as the best among starter digital cameras due to it's user friendliness and low price. I think you can get one new now for about 450.00

If you're seriously considering this, though, you may want to buy mine, since I'm considering an upgrade. Of course, as my sister, you'll get an excellent deal. ;)

Claire said...

Apparently great minds (ie- mine and Barry's) do think alike. I came over to suggest a Nikon D40. I got mine a few months ago. They are affordable (most under $500) and they are great cameras. Its small and light weight for an SLR, which I love because I use mine for anything from taking photos for a client to family trips to Disneyland to a trip to the mall for ear piercing! Its a great, great camera. Good luck in your hunt. Now that I own an SLR I have a hard time wanting to use my point and shoot. The SLR is so much fun!

cathycan said...

I am taken back to the pawn shop and the purchase of your first 35mm camera for photo class! hahaha
also the driving around for the requisite black and white shots. Oh those were the days!

Tara Thue said...

My trusty camera of 5 years just died, so Matt did some heavy-duty research and got me the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS for Christmas. And, I absolutely LOVE it!!! It isn't an SLR...but it takes SLR-quality photos. Plus, its small enough to carry around with me in my purse-helps with the random shots for the blog and what not. Check out this article from the New York Times: http://tiny.cc/zFGVX. I think you can get a great camera that takes high-quality photos for under $300. Good luck, Shan!

sohobutterfly said...

I agree - you cannot go wrong with an entry-level SLR from either Nikon or Canon (XTI/XSI).

I shoot Canon, and I love it. I have both the XTI and a more professional quality camera. You can now pick up XTI's for fairly cheap, since the XSI has come out as the "newer and better" entry-level model.

What really matters with SLR's is the quality of the lens you're using. I would not recommend getting the kit lens, unless you're getting a really good deal. Just buy the body. And then spend about $90 and pick up a Canon (if you buy a Canon, of course!) 50mm f/1.8. It's a great lens for the price, with really good optical quality. It's wide aperture (1.8) allows you to more easily take photos in low-light situation without a flash and get lots of funky background blur.

By the way, B&H Photo is a great place to buy camera lenses and bodies in the US.

PS: I stole one of your Etsy photos and linked it to your store on my blog. Hope that's okay!!

kribss said...

i love my nikon d40 but if your looking for a "purse" camera go for a canon powershot. heard nothing but great things about them!

Ashley said...

I would write 100% what colleen and sohobutterfly said.

I started with the canon digital rebel and LLLOOOVVVEEEEDDDDDDD iititititititittititi!!! I dont think you need the new fancy version of it either.. the good ol XT or XTi are both GREAT cameras and will take wonderful photos.

like natasha said the 50mm is a great lens if you want a 2nd lens, but i would start with the kit lens 18-55.. you can do a lot with that bad boy. good luck!!! keep us posted!


Jessica Kettle said...

here's the skinny.

If you go Nikon, get the d60 or the D90 (really rad!) if you can spend the cash. Skip the D40. It is only 6.2 megapixels (or something like that), and it will not autofocus with the amazing 50mm f 1.8 (I don't know if the D60 does). D90 is so so so great- has a lot of the d300 (the cam i have) technology and ISO sensitivity.

Everyone and their mother has a cannon rebel, so they can't be bad.

If you want a killer point and shoot, the new panasonic lumix seems to be the top professional fav right now. Or the Cannon E10 (I think that's what it is..? they have it at pictureline). I am saving up for one actually. but they're like 400 bucks, so you might as well get an slr first.

Anne said...

I am pretty sure you decided on one already, but I'd like to echo sohobutterfly's endorsement of B&H Photo Video. They are the best around. I go there for all of my photo needs.