Thursday, January 8, 2009

{chopped salad}

Oh, this is soooo good! One of my favorite dishes is the Z Chopped Salad @ Z'Tejas Southwestern Grill. I found the recipe online and decided to give it a try, and it turned out oh so delicious!
FYI- It's best to make individual salads than one big one. I didn't have any salad bowls big enough to mix everything together so I used an 8x8 pyrex dish for mine and a large tupperware dish for Andrews! (The ingredients are for one individual salad, but it's big so you can probably share. But if you don't want to share, it's cool. I won't judge.)
1 oz lettuce shredded 1/8
1 oz red cabbage shredded
1/4 avocado sliced
1 roma tomato- small
1/4 cup sweet corn (I used canned- well drained)
2 tbs cotija cheese
1/4 cup black beans (again, I used canned, well drained and rinsed)
2 tbs pumpkin seeds
3 oz ranch vinaigrette
5 oz achiote chicken breasts sliced
~Mix all ingredients in large salad bowl
~Pour ranch vinaigrette over salad
~Mix well so all ingredients are covered

Dressing recipe:
2 cups favorite ranch dressing
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
~Mix two ingredients together until consistent throughout.


The Smith Family said...

Mmmm.. yes please! I'm totally on a diet, and this looks like something I could eat... without wanting to kill myself after. LOL
(ew, I'm really onry when I'm dieting... hmmm)

cathycan said...

what the hey-yall is achiote chikun?!

Design Gal said...

HAHA! Mom, I totally read that comment with a southern hill-billy accent! Achiote chicken is a chicken breast with a special rub on it- i just seasoned one with season all! ha!

paula said...

I love ZTejas! I usually get the wild mushroom exactly do you get the recipes online? We had dinner lastnight with some friends who made us lettuce wraps with the recipe from PF Changs...I thought these were all secret recipes. How do I get my hands on them?

paula said...

They also have the best bloody mary's I have ever had...I need that recipe too! I'm checking it out.

Heather said...

OOOOH! Looks super tasty!!!Thanks for posting!

caitlin said...

Um, yum. Now I am hungry. I used to make a salad similar to that, but I would put raspberry vinaigrette on it. I will have to try this recipe.

Lisa K said...

Z'Tejas has excellent tortilla soup. So where do you get cotija cheese at? I've never heard of it.

Barry Cann said...

Shan, that looks delicious! What a great cook I have for a sister! Oh my gosh... the word verification for this comment is "dehdish". Is that just coincidence?

The Marquardt Family said...

mmmmmm.... that is one of my favorite salads! I am making this weekend! Thanks babe. ALso the beanie I was wearing is from TJ maxx. They have tons of cute ones right now.

tai and joe said...

Thats looks so good. Joe and I am alays looking for good receipes I will have to try it.
p.s. I am ordering from your etsy shop and I am dying for those two red earrings. Let me know if you have any problems.

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

YUM!!! Thanks for sharing! I'll definately have to make this very soon! It looks DELISH!

Summer said...

This sounds so, so good. Thanks for the receipe.

Heather said...

I know this is a way old post, but I am going to try this out this week! I rememebred seeing it when I was making out my meal plans for the week (nerd that I am )