Friday, January 2, 2009

{bring your tissues...}

...because this movie

and this movie

are so amazing and beautiful, they will make you cry.

I loved them both!


Lisa K said...

Oh man! Then I can't see either. I don't watch movies that make people cry. That's not entertainment in my book.

cathycan said...

I like movies that make me think...and Slum-Dog had my gears turning on the way home abt. how life's experiences shape us, and Karma, and good versus evil and "it was written" and foreign call-centers, and hope.... sigh... so good(:-}

Heather said...

Want toknow how easy it is tomake a pregnant woman cry??? i just start bawling watching both of those previews lol. I def, want to see Benjamin Button and Ihave heard great reviews~!

sarah marie p said...

The preview for Slumdog Millionaire already made me cry! Oooh I want to see it! I saw Benjamin Button on Xmas. SOO good!

irunwithscissors said...

I havent seen the first one yet, though now I want to!

The second one though, I LOVED! It was amazing!

Derek and Jannette said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to post back to you. The lady that does my hair is named Lei Lani and she does it out of her home. She does a great job and I have been going to her for 6 years now. Let me know if you want her #. I love looking through your blog, so many cute ideas!