Tuesday, December 9, 2008

{stocking stuffers for him and her}

Marta over at M. Writes is a genius! Every year my husband has a hard time finding things to put in my stocking (here's a hint honey), and she has come up with the perfect list of goodies for him and her! Thanks Marta!

for him
01. beef jerky. my guy loves this stuff and we hardly ever have it in the house, so once a year to find it in his sock is pretty much bliss.

02. Road & Track, Guns & Ammo or Powder magazine rolled into a scroll and tied with twine. thus continuing our ongoing, silent battle as to which magazines get to be on display atop the coffee table; his or mine.

03. a wee glass bottle of Orangina pop. boys love fizz.

04. festive trinkets like Bazooka bubble gum, PEZ candy, key rings or mix tapes that have been in his glove compartment for seven years and he's forgotten all about them. these things bring a youthful grin. {i'd give him Garbage Pail Kid collector cards if i could find them.}

05. a gift card to starbucks for hot cocoa, itunes for music, REI for gear. homemade coupons are always a hit too. especially because they usually get lost before he redeems them, therefore i get all the glory without any of the guts.

06. oranges, pulled taffy, candy canes. simple treats that makes him feel like he's living on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

07. matchbooks or a fancy silver zippo lighter. boys love to light things on fire.

08. a fabulous CD that he'll immediately pop into the player. just be sure to choose something you'll both enjoy listening to for the rest of the day. on repeat.

09. a pack of razors. this is your chance to spoil him; give him more than just a twin blade.

10. a sweet handwritten note. since stockings are usually the first things to be opened, this is your moment to tell him why you love him, why you can't be without him, and why christmas is so much more merrier with him by your side. boys love to get a li'l mushy.

for her
01. Really Really Red Nail Polish : Nichole by OPI (now, this is coming from a girl who never paints her fingernails anything but clear top coat. but now that i've officially gone brunette, i have to punch it up a few notches. being bold, i tried a few reds, painting tiny swatches on my grocery list. i found that all the others had a touch of pink in them. this one really really is true christmas red.)

02. sparkly bobbypins. to add a little glitz to your favorite cardigan-and-jeans look.

03. swirly spiral paperclips. a favorite thing to add a special touch to your paperie. if i lived in new york city, and had a doorman, i might just paper clip his tip onto a li'l monogrammed note this holiday.

04. nestle chocolate chips. baking goods are on sale this month, so remember to stock up. especially for that big batch of cookies you have to remember to take to the Neighborhood Nativity.

05. lip gloss. my new favorite is Maybelline Shinylicious in pink sorbet. every time i bust it out at work, my cute friend says... 'oooh, do you mind if i have some of that?' she is a sucker for shinylicious smackers. so am i.

06. a handful of clementines. oranges for him, clementine cuties for her. juicy goodness.

07. gossip mags. even the most prim + proper ladies i know love to get the inside scoop. grab a pack of Bubblicious Bubble gum while you're standing in line at the check out counter. you'll make her feel like a teen again.

08. lint roller, hand sanitizer, deck of cards, etc. little essentials make the world go 'round.

09. usb flash drive. not always cute, but this will possibly become her new best friend. so useful. so helpful. so practical. so pocket-perfect.

10. a big bag of m&m's. for filling dainty bowls upon unexpected guest's arrival.

any more come to mind? what are the cheap thrills you prefer santa to stuff in your stocking?


Jill said...

Thanks for the Tips! I also think car freshness are a good stocking stuffer for our smelly guys. Anything for his truck he'd love! :)

Heather said...

thanks so much, what agreat post! I always need ideas for the hubs!

Meg and Alex said...

Wow those are perfect! I'm definetly going to have Alex read this :) I love the men's magazine thing because that's so true! I always put mine ontop of his.

paula said...

some great ideas! Thanks. Some things I have stuffed the 'ol stocking with are also:

-steak seasonings from Cabellas (they have a huge selection and they are GOOOOOOD). This is great for guys that love to bbq.

-little packets of sunglass cleaning wipes (good for those guys who have crazy expensive sunglasses).

-cheap cologne that smells yummy.

-mini mag lite (can a guy have too many flashlights?)

-a new wallet.

Just some things I have filled the Mr's stocking with before. I prefer my stocking to be filled with diamond jewelry...I've yet to find these in my stocking.

-new ear-buds for his MP3 or iPOD.

Kat said...

Great ideas girl! We are doing Christmas alone (sniff) this year, and I know he would love some of these things. Thanks for helping out the creatively challenged again!

sarah marie p said...

Those are all really awesome ideas! I love stockings! So fun!