Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{last post...until next year}

I resolve to...

1) Exercise every day- whether its parking at the very back of the grocery store parking lot, going to the gym, or doing one minute of push ups/sit ups. I will do it!
2) Look put together every day.
3) Try new hair styles. I tend to do it the same way every day and it's time for a change! Curly, half up, braided (i.e. the LC braid), etc. I have long, thick hair so why not?
4) Update my Skinny Jeans Blog at least once a week.
5) Buy healthy, non-crap foods at the grocery store and make responsible, healthy choices when I eat out.
6) Keep track of every penny I spend this year and budget.
7) Grocery Shop, clean the house and do laundry on the same day every week.
8) Plan meals for the week more consistently and try new recipes (I tend to cook the same thing over and over. I have a feeling I'll be looking at this blog for more inspiration!)
9) Finish projects I start. I have a room full of to-do's and it's about time I start on them!
10) Be a better friend, sister, daughter, and wife.
11) Be more empathetic, understanding, patient, motivated, righteous, and non judgemental. Serve more, desire less, save more, spend less, give more, envy less, laugh more, love more, and enjoy more!

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting! It's been a great year! Here's to another great one in 2009!!


caitlin said...

Good list. I am getting excited for a new year!

Shellie said...

I'm also making a work out every day for the whole year. Its going to be awesome!!!

Lisa K said...

Very good list! I hope my recipe blog doesn't disappoint!

paula said...

Happy New Year! I need to start thinking about resolutions....Good Luck with yours.

cathycan said...

WOW, that's a big list! If you do #11, you'll have 'em all covered!
Can't wait to see the New Years pics, haha, that was fun!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Great list! You've inspired me...

wishcake said...

These resolutions sound absolutely perfect! I'm glad to see someone actually making them, because everywhere I go this year, people are all, "NO RESOLUTIONS! NO, NO, NO AHHH!"

Heck, I make them. That's half the fun of New Years for me. For some reason. :)