Wednesday, December 10, 2008

{cooking on a budget}

Like many of you, the Mr. and I have been trying to cut back on spending. One area that's been kind of hard is the grocery store. Yes, we've cut back, but food prices have gone up and portions have gone down! Have you noticed the little box of Honey Bunches of Oats costs what the big box used to cost? It's true!
So, to get the most for my money, I've been buying on sale, using coupons (this girl loves a bargain!), and buying whole instead of in pieces, like chicken! My Grandma showed me how to cut up a chicken a long time ago, but I quickly forgot since I wasn't cooking all the time (I think I was 16) and when I did start cooking for myself, it was so much easier to just buy the frozen chicken breasts! (Plus, I didn't have to feel the ooey, slimy chicken skin!)
But since it is cheaper to buy the whole chicken and cut it up myself, I've started doing it. And you know what? It's great! I use what I want, and freeze the rest for later.
They also have some great idea's for $10 meals!
Do any of you have great, yummy, cheap recipes? If so, please share them on your blog and link back to here so we can all share the love!


JJ, Mands, Lilly and Lola said...

Okay, I totally understand about the expense of groceries these days. Blah! I do love to go to She has great ideas and recipes. I know picking up a Sunday paper and getting all of the coupons can really help. I think I might make that one of my New Year resolutions!

Summer said...

I agree. I hate that groceries have gone up. I feel bad for my guy because I tend to make the same things because it is cheap. I definitely need some new cheap receipes.

Clair said...

We've had good success coordinating coupons with sale ads by using (use the passport/code g84ctb to access the Utah listings). It helps you to time your coupon use with the sales so you get the best deals. Also it has links to on-line coupons you can print (this is nice if you don't get newspaper coupons).

We now get 5 newspapers each Sunday ($17.00/mo) and so we get 5 of each coupon. This allows us to stock up at great prices. They have a similar deal for SLC if you are interested.

April said...

Hey Shan,
I have a link on my blog to which is a place where some family and friends post favorite recipes. Look on there for the taco soup recipe. It's easy, delish, and cheap. Instead of buying ground beef, you can use a can of chili con carne and then another can of whatever beans you like. mmm. If you feel like splurging, some tortilla chips and sour cream are nice toppers.

April said...

P.S. Beans, rice and potatoes are versatile, filling, and relatively cheap foods.

cathycan said...

I know a lot of you will say, "ewww", but back in the day when I had more energy and time...I would go up to the postoffice on the night of "grocrey-ad in the mail" day. I would then proceed to dumpster dive the trash can right by the post office boxes, before you say ewww consider:98% of the trash in that little can was mail, coupons, catalogs, magazines, junk mail, etc. I grabbed 5-10 and cut out all my favorite coupons of the week and stocked up!! don't forget beans and soup good budget savers(home-made of course)

alyssa said...

That's a good idea (the chicken thing), I'd love to learn to cut one up correctly :) Thanks for the linky.