Saturday, December 6, 2008

{christmas finds}

A few of you have asked about this picture...Alas, I wish I could claim that these really were MY decorations, but they are not. I thought I put the link to the picture under it, but I must have forgot, so to save you the trouble of searching the net, and to give credit where it is deserved, THIS is the website where you can find all sorts of lovely items like these!
P.S. I am loving the pale blue and red theme! So clean & crisp, yet funky and festive!
P.P.S. Click HERE to see some more fun, vintage finds!

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Chris and Logan said...

So cute, what great finds!
A while back on your blog you had reupholstered a chair. I was thinking how fun it would be to find a cheap wing-back chair and have that re-done. Do you know about how much you would charge to do one of those for me (approx. of course)? Also I love-loved that green armoire you had a picture of and have been searching KSL classifieds to find one to have painted. LOL you have great taste, what can I say?!