Tuesday, November 18, 2008

{my kids are going to freak somday...}

when they see this.

I know what you're thinking, "Uh, Shan? Why would you own such a scary Santa doll?!" The reason is because I have such fond memories of him.

You see, almost every year, my family would make the 12 hour drive down to our Grandparent's house in California for Thanksgiving. Usually, they would have some of their Christmas decorations out, and this little rubber faced Santa doll was among the decor. The doll usually stood at the foot of their fire place in the living room, which was the same room that us grand kids slept in.

Every night before we got into our sleeping bags, I would turn the scary Santa around, so he wasn't looking at me during the night. I figured, if he could see my face, he'd know when I feel asleep, and that is when he'd make his move. (I'd seen Chucky as a kid, so I was pretty sure I knew how these scary dolls worked.) Just to be extra safe though, I also made sure I put a chair or some sort of obstacle, like a cushion or something in front of him that he'd trip over, should he try to murder me in my sleep. I figured, if he knocked Grandma's piano bench over while attempting to come after me, surely I'd hear the clatter and have at least a 5 second head start before he got to me.

I also insisted that I sleep the farthest away from the Santa doll. My brothers weren't as scared of the doll as I was. Yes, they seemed a little skeptical of his slanted eyes, but I knew that the miniature Santa was out to get me, and I had to think of every plan possible to keep him at bay. (Ah yes...such fond memories!)

Christmas time wasn't the only time that I thought of the little Santa doll though. Oh no. Any visit to Grandma's house, whether it was Easter or summer vacation, ensued a full fledged search for the doll, just to make sure he was safely tucked away. Usually, he was up in the closet looking lifeless and still, and I felt safe with him there. I knew if he tried to jump down, the fall would kill him since he was so short, and I usually forgot about him by the next day. You know what they say, "Out of sight, out of mind."

By the time I was 12 or so, I stopped worrying so much about the Santa doll. Yes, he was still creepy, but I grew to love his little slanted, upturned eyes and mitten hands. "I mean really", I stared to think, "how do you strangle someone with mittens on?" My fears were far behind me, and as the years progressed, I saw less and less of the little Santa.

A few days ago, my mom emailed my brothers and I the picture above. She had found the Santa on eBay and had written us with the link saying, "Look! It's the scary Santa!" I was delighted to see this frenemy from my past, and I took action. I was the first, and only bidder, and now I own him. I can only hope that someday my kids look at him with the same skeptical eyes, and grow to love him as I did.

P.S. If you haven't voted for the chair yet, you have one more day!


Steph said...

This is the FUNNIEST thing ever. Love it. We have this scary like plastic doll face wall plaque thing. so creepy. but like our great great grandma or something made it. So every year... creepy doll face on the wall.

Heather said...

This is the cutest post! Mymom had ornaments that looked like that, I I always thought they were creepy lol

Lisa K said...

Oh my gosh, we have a very similar scary Santa! It has almost the EXACT same rubber face. It was Joe's favorite Santa from his mom's decorations. I hate the thing. Poor Colton will probably have nightmares because of him.

cathycan said...

hahahaha, you did NOT see Chuckie!! I wouldn't have allowed that..would I?! My grandma gave the scary santa to our family sometime in the sixties.I never noticed the "unique" facial features until I was much older. when I saw it on ebay, I felt as though a piece of my childhood was up for grabs. Glad you "grabbed" it! Now we must by all the others!!

Chels & Zak said...

Looks like something from Goosebumps. But the memory is what counts. Nightmares are memories ;)

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Hahaha. I love that you can remember those childhood stories so vividly! That is such a great story! And I love that you bought one now to torment your own kids with! :)

sarah marie p said...

Hahaha. What a great post! I loved it!

And your creepy Santa doll reminded me of a similar Santa doll that belonged to MY grandma. Now my parents have it and we have to always bring it out at Christmas! SCARY!

wishcake said...

Oh my gosh. This is the greatest story EVER. I love that you now have a creepy santa of your own to freak out your own kids someday!

I remember my grandparents had this freaky poodle on a self in their hallway that was made with real fur, or something, and had weird gemstone eyes. I always thought that thing might come to life when I'm asleep and eat my face.

Ah, the joys of chilhood. :)