Tuesday, October 7, 2008

{just for fun}

I was organizing the pictures on my computer and feel across these randoms.
We definitely had fun with the helium balloons that night!
(P.S. My brother wrote the captions)Shan and Andrew. Discuss plans for introducing helium to their future children.
Apparently, helium causes spontaneous possession by demons. Shan's eyes are glowing.


cathycan said...

Love those shoes!(yours) I dont think Andrew really likes "doing Helium" hehe "I wish I could kick this habit, seems like all we do anymore is get high" while Shan's like, "Man, this is good - - - -!"

lifeinredshoes said...

Trying to be nice? where's the fun in that! Do some more helium, the urge will go away!

Design Gal said...

Dear Blog Readers,
Dispite what my mom and her friend have commented about, please know I am not a "user" and I only inhaled helium ONCE! I mean, if you call "once" every time I obtain a balloon. Okay, so I happen to like how my voice sounds all high and funny....don't judge!

Mandi Arrington said...

Helium is the best cheap entertainment out there!