Wednesday, October 1, 2008

{halloween centerpiece}

Okay, ya'll are probably sick of hearing me talk about Halloween crafts, but you asked for it, so here goes!
I had this crazy idea a few weeks ago to make a funky/spooky Halloween centerpiece, and after much work (okay, it was a piece of cake) I have the instructions for you!
Even the craft challenged can complete this li'l project!
First you'll need to find some sturdy branches from a dead tree or bush. I found these off Baccus Hwy. I was a little nervous about breaking branches off of a tree on the side of a highway, so I was pretty sneaky about it. I'd stand by my car, looking around all nonchalant like as cars were passing, and then when there were no cars, I'd hurry and snap off branches. Oh, also make sure there isn't a huge red ant pile you could step on in front of the bush/tree you're picking from. Makes things a lot less complicated...and painful.

Now that you have your branches, you'll want to spray paint them black with glossy black paint. I used the cheap $0.99 spray paint from Wal-Mart. Make sure you spray front, back, and sides and do a couple coats.

After you have sprayed them black, take a little bit of silver metallic acrylic paint and lightly brush random parts of the branches with it (I used a cheap foam brush for this part). If it looks too sparse, that's okay! It's easier to add more than to take it off!

So, now your branches are ready to put into a vase. I was going to use black eyed peas instead of the little green apples and pears as a filler to help hold the branches in the center, however I already had the apple and pears and wanted to save money! But you could use black eyed peas, rice, rocks, or whatever as your filler. If you have a vase that will hold the branches up, you don't have to worry about it. This cute Halloween decal from Shelley. It was super cheap too! And last, I added some spider webbing. It looks like I used a ton of it in this picture, but it's just the flash that makes it look like that! I only used a tiny bit!
And there you have it!


Alex and Tara said...

You are so dang talented. I always love it when you post your ideas.

The Badgers said...

I've done that same thing on the side of the road. It's like, come on they are dead branches!!! Who's going to care. You still feel like you have to be sneaky, and it is kind of embarrassing. Ha! Cute idea.

Claire said...

When I post my Halloween decorations, I promise I wasn't a copy cat on this one!!! I saw it on and have been planning to make it for the last week! Yours looks awesome! I love the idea of putting it in a vase instead of a pot. Very cute.

Summer said...

You are so creative. I love seeing your ideas. Such a good idea and it turned out great!!

paula said...

Your house looks so cool! I want to come do a walk-thru. Love the centerpiece. I think I'm going to make one. Remind me to tell you a story about biting red ants at craft're going right?

Barry said...

Shan, go to

You could totally make a great instructable!

sarah marie p said...

Soooo cool! I liked hearing about you being all sneaky on your quest to get those branches! it was all worth it! And I really like em with those GREEN apples! Awesome!!

Mandi Arrington said...

I love this Idea. I might have to get creative and try it