Sunday, September 7, 2008

{It's my party and I'll blog if I want to}

So, Friday night my friends and I went out for my birthday. All I have to say is that it was the shiz-nit- thanks to these fun gals below!
We met at Trio, enjoyed a delicious meal, and spent the night laughing hysterically!
From left to right: Megan, Kelly, Shelly, Me, Lisa, April, & Tara
Shelley brought her nice camera to document the night. See the hand in the right side of the picture? That was our waitress, playing charades for us to guess when our food would come out. My lovely, freshman year roommates- Lisa & April. These girls kept me sane that first year of college!

After dinner the night took took on a whole new twist! The following story is true, told from Shelly's point of view. She is hilarious, and I swear on everything holy, we are not making this up...enjoy...
"So as the night plugged on, we all figured we should get going... so we finished up our food and snapped a couple more pictures. Sounds pretty low key right?
WELL... little did we know, while on our way to drop Kelly off at her dorms, at the "U", we would ALL be subject to a" Drive by Holla' "LOL... I am NOT kidding you. I can't even tell you how long it's been... maybe a couple years or so. These 3...or 4 (I couldn't tell) guys drove up beside us BELTING out "We're Comin' to America" by Neil Diamond.
Now, first of all, nothing screams "winner" more then blaring AND singing along to ... well... ANY Neil Diamond song... and second of all.............No, wait, there is no second of all... I can just stop right there.
Okay, so being the "never want to miss a moment blogger freak" that I am... what is the FIRST thing I do, before telling these poor, desperate (probably high school boys, in their Mom's car) that we're all married (except for poor Kelly?)?? Yes... I ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW AND SNAP PICTURES!!!!!!!! How could I NOT? Are you joking me? You should have seen the look on these helpless, now Smith Family blog worthy, faces. They were WAY weirded out. It was HILARIOUS. It seriously was just a natural reaction. Something exciting was happening... and I had to document it. (And I would like to pride myself on the quality of these pictures as well. Taken WHILE we were driving, out a passenger window... It has to be all those mad Mom skills... you know, having to catch the kids at a MOMENTS notice and all...LOL)

Okay anyway, so this is how the conversation between us girls and these funny boys went: (well from what I can remember)

Desperately Seeking Hotties (Boys): Driving up beside us, basically screaming out the words to the end of "We're Comin' to America" and whistling at us... "Hey baby! Roll down' your window!" (I think they were talking to me, or Kelly, we were both on the same side.)
All Girls: Shocked and then ROLLING with laughter, as we realize they are ACTUALLY talking to US!
Boys: Screaming to us still, because I hadn't opened the window yet... "You guys just missed the BEST song EVER!"
All Girls: Still rolling with laughter and almost ready to pee our pants (mostly because we know how stupid these poor boys are going to feel when they find out that basically the whole car is married and that they should have chose the OTHER, probably single, hotties in front of us in the 4-runner)
Me: Scrambling to find my camera and finally rolling down my window (SNAP.. Picture #1)
Boys: "What the _ _ _ _... what are you taking pictures for baby? Are those gonna be on My Space?" (LOL, LOL, LOL... not, "oh crap, some random person just took my picture... just... "hey are you gonna post that somewhere, where I can see?" LOL)
Me: "Uh, no... they're... going on... a blog."
Boys: "Which one?"
Me: "Just... this...... one, I have..."(changing the subject)
(now ME: being kind of a jerk) "HEY BOYS, throw that rockin' hand sign up again, thats SOOO cool! I want to take a picture!" SNAP...Picture #2 (I know, I'm mean, but really, WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE, especially when trying to pick up girls? Hey, maybe I don't know, it could still be "in" since I went to MIDDLE SCHOOL!) LOL LOL
Boys: "So, hotties...can we get your numbers? Please?!"
Shannon: Realizing that she desperately has to get over, and these boys won't let her, she misses her right turn and is now a little annoyed... Oh did I mention that she has been shoving her left hand across my face and almost out my window, yelling "We're married" and motioning for them to let her over" this whole time? haha
Boys: NOT realizing that Shannon is motioning for them to "let her over" now say... "Oh, what? You want us to PULL OVER?... YEA totally!!"HAHAHAHAHAHAAll
Girls: DYING laughing... Poor guys
Shannon: Finally turns right
Boys: Follow
Shannon: Stops beside the car full of boys to get the story straight
Boys: "Hey Ladies!" "Can we get your numbers? Please?"
Shannon: "LOOK, we are ALL married, well except for Kelly here" (pointing to Kelly)
Kelly: "SHUT UP SHANNON don't tell them my name"
Shannon: "I mean... uh...Katie... ya, Katie, is single"
Boys: "Oh, thats too bad, but okay..." (now talking to Kelly... I mean Katie) "So what's your number baby?"
Kelly-now Katie: Spills out some random number of her friends "555-2956"
Boys: Get quiet and we wonder what they are doing...
All Girls: Now seeing the faint glow of a cell phone
Disappointed Boy in passenger seat: "Ohhhh, that's not your real number... COME ON! Please?"
Shannon: "Sorry, bye boys!"
REALLY Disappointed Boys: Turn around their car, in defeat, and drive away into the darkness (turning back on state street of course) to cruise for their next victims.LOL..."
Believe it or not...It REALLY happened!
I think it was the most excitement us ol' married ladies had had in a while! All I can say is that I'm so glad I'm happily married! It WAS just WAY too weird being "Holla'd" at by RANDOM guys again. But girls, THANK YOU for making my birthday an amazing and memorable one! Love ya!!!


cathycan said...

Well, if you girls hadnt been driving such a sexy car...heheh Oh silly boys. Back in the day you didnt have to worry abt. them immediately trying out the phone #.
actually, I've had some poor boy calling me for a while, trying to Hook up with some girl that, Im sure gave him a random number that happened to be mine. I finally called him after a million voice mails and told him the heart wrenching truth.

Samantha said...

HAHAHA Oh yes Shannon we know how to get those boys while dragging state!!! ;O) Looks like you have not lost your touch. (hehehe)

Brittney Andy Boston and Scarlett said...

that is hilarious. I felt so old on my last birthday that this would have been welcomed!

April said...

"All I can say is that I'm so glad I'm happily married!" I must agree. As fun as the Andrew, John, and Nicholas days were...I much prefer now.
It was so good to see you! Cool upholstering job, bu the way, on your D.I. find.

Alex and Tara said...

Friday night was a BLAST! I can't wait until we do it again

Sarah Marie said...

Oh man! That's too hilarious! I LOVE that you posted that picture of those boys hollering at you! heee!! I'm so glad you had such a good birthday! Sounds like it was a blast!