Monday, September 22, 2008

{shoes for sale}

Remember these?Yep, these were the shoes I got a sweet ace deal on this spring. They still look brand new don't they? That's because I never wear them. I wore them once to Costco. We were only there for an hour or two, but by the time we got into the car, my feet were throbbing. I knew when I tried them on that they were too small, but I loved them so much and thought they were so cute! And heck, they were 75% off! But alas, they don't fit, and it's unfair to keep such a lovely shoe hidden away in my closet.
So, after giving it much thought, I've decided to sell them for $10 (includes shipping) to the first person I get an email from- I know someone out there will love and adore them as much as I did!
P.S. They're a size 8 1/2 (which is what I usually wear) but they fit more like a 7 1/2 or 8! So if you're normally those sizes, they'll probably work for you!
P.P.S. Are you crafty? I'll trade them too!


John, Allisha, and Ezra said...

How did you get the three column blog? Could you e-mail me and let me know? I need HELP!! :)

Lindsey said...

Want to know something funny?
I bought those shoes too, based off of your blog, but all of the 8.5 were gone and so I got an 8 (which is too small as well). I still wear them though. My friend after seeing my blog post on these same shoes when out and bought a pair too. Hers hurt her feet too.
Oh, I also was wondering how you got 3 columns.

sarah marie p said...

OOoh those are so cute. Too bad I wear a 9 -10. boo. but yes, please tell how you get three columns!

cathycan said...

gee, I was all set to buy them. Was gonna pay you double in fact! But since I've read all the "uncomfortable" comments, I've changed my mind! hehe J.K.!! they are soo funky and cute!Look like something out of Marie Antoinette.
Help me blog!!I must share my thoughts with the world!! I don't care how many columns it will have!

The Smith Family said...

Um... Do they go good with Kankles? and if so, Bring them over when we watch our movie so I can try them on. I'll even trade you a fabric padded magnet board for them, if they look good on me! LOL

Foxy said...

these are so gorgeous