Monday, September 29, 2008

{a few weekend highlights}

On Saturday night we celebrated Andrew's birthday at my parents house. The whole fam damily was there, which always makes for interesting pictures!
I swear this picture wasn't posed- Barry reacts that way every time someone blows out candles. Even scented ones. So, Andrew requested an ice cream cake, which was delicious, but HARD to cut! Rock hard! So hard in fact, that as Steve was in mid-cut he took his pulse to make sure his blood pressure wasn't going up from the strain. I think Kelly turned the freezer temp up, causing the cake to be extra frozen. Yes, her look of satisfaction totally gives it away. And yes, we have seen an ice cream cake before, although you wouldn't think that from the way everyone is cramming around it.
Doesn't Ashlyn look excited?! I had to include this picture too- this is at our apartment, and I took this picture just as Andrew was reading the card I gave him. He got a kick out of it!
This is what it said.......and inside it said, "Hope your Birthday fun lasts and lasts"
And since we celebrated Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, I'm pretty sure it did!
*Note* Now that I've read prior sentence a day later, I can see how someone might misinterpret our "celebrating", I mean we partied with our friends and family on those days. I know what you were thinking...come on people! This is a family blog!
Glad I cleared that up!


sarah marie p said...

Oooh! You scandalous with that card! hahahha. Too funny. I love how everyone was amazed by that ice cream bday cake! It must have been pretty dang good! Your fam always has such a good time together! Yaya!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

How fun! I miss celebrating b-days with all the fam. It sucks living far away. Oh - and Shan, we really DID know what you meant by celebrating so much. LOL! You guys are still practically newly weds! :) Hahaha

Meesh said...

Shannon!! I just saw your comment on our blog and I am so sad! We won't be around Thursday night because I'll be in SLC picking up Trey at the airport! Blast! Total bummer. We should be rolling in at about 11pm. That totally sucks. It seems like everytime you come to Logey we aren't here!! Are you going with Andrew to the mish reunion?

lifeinredshoes said...

love the card!

cathycan said...

Tyler looks so pensive in the last one.and I , too, think Kelly turned the freezer up!!haha thanks for recording our family history!

Barry said...

I look like I'm about to cup Andrew's bottom in that one picture.