Friday, August 8, 2008

{st george}

Since I had the week off before I start my new job, I decided to go with my mom and Ty down to St. George to spend a little time with my grandparents. We left Monday morning and had a great time gardening, eating, shopping, and talking. I found a few old pictures that I wanted to copy so I can start a heritage wall in my house. (Kinda like the one below- isn't it pretty?)Here are the pictures I copied. I'm hoping to do a lot more next time I go down!
This is my Great Grandpa Fred. I always loved a man in uniform and he looks so handsome in this photo! I'm not sure how old he is in this picture- I'm guessing in his 30's. You can't see it, but on the bottom left side of the picture, he had written, "To a wonderful wife, with all my love, Fred." I have so many great memories of him- making ice cream, watching him work in his workshop, going to the ice cream store, his neat pipe, and making Mickey Mouse pancakes. Anytime I smell peppermint tobacco and tiger balm I can't help but think of him.
This is my Grandpa Jim. Isn't he just the cutest little guy? I think he was about 4 here. He was an only child, and like my Grandma, had a million stories about his childhood, the military, and how my grandma and him got married on their 7th date!
The baby in this picture is my Grandma Shirley. She was probably 2 in this picture, sitting with her grandma. I love hearing stories about her life- I know she had a lot of really hard times growing up, but all those experiences made her the loving, smart, beautiful person she is today. She is an amazing woman!
Four generations! Pictured left to right on the top row is my great-grandma Libby, my mom Cathy, and my grandma Shirley. On the bottom row is my aunt Cheryl, her great-grandma, and my aunt Tracy.
We spent Tuesday morning helping with the grow boxes my grandpa made.
After we got cleaned up, we decided to go to lunch and do a little shopping. If you know St. George, you know it gets hotter than hell down there! My grandpa left the garage door open 1/2 way to let some air in, and after we all piled into the car to leave, we heard a terrible screeching sound as we backed out of the garage. All of the sudden we realized that the garage was still only open 1/2 way! We all started laughing as my grandma reprimanded Grandpa a little, before she started laughing too. It scratched the paint a little, but we all said, "Oh, it'll buff out!" as we looked at each other with a look that said, "Oh my goodness!"
Here is Grandpa pointing to the scratch and Grandma looking back disapprovingly!
Pretty Grandma and handsome Grandpa
After lunch, we stopped at Judd's to beat the heat with some cool ice cream!
Towards the end of the trip, Ty and I got pretty creative with the camera.
It was a great trip, full of laughs and good conversation and I can't wait to go down and visit again!


Sarah Marie said...

HAHAHA-- oh man! I love your caption under "leave a comment"-- you're hilarious! Ha, I feel the same way. WAH! Gimme comments everyone! Ha. OK, enof being a baby and time to comment so part of your soul doesn't die -- (You're too funny!) ... You always have such great write-ups of your trips! It looks like such a fun, relaxing time! I love the idea of a heritage wall -- the picture you used as an example is too cute! I loved all the olden day pics... and the pics of your grandparents at in-n-out... and the silly pics with your brother!

Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh Shan...I love the idea of a heritage wall. I wanna do one too! I think I will!

Barry said...

Oh, man! I wish I could have gone! It looks like you had a blast! I really need to go down to Grandma and Grandpa's place before the end of the summer.

Steph Corwin said...

That is an absolutely wonderful idea! Really. I think the next time I go to bakersfield to visit family I'm going to be stealing pictures and taking trips to go scan them for myself.

cathycan said...

That was a great little trip! Fun to be with 4 of my mostest favoritist people for a couple of days. Gotta do that more often!

shell said...

Shan Love the heritage wall. Also the pictures were awesome. I love seeing old photos

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Looks like such a fun trip! I love all the old photos. What a great idea -- the heritage wall. Thanks for sharing! Oh- and I love Andrew's haircut! It really suits him!

JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

I totally have that heritage wall in my " Favorite things I want to have in my huge house someday" folder. Ahh I love it! I love old antique pictures and really need to do some searching at my grandparents house. There is nothing like surrounding your home with family pictures. I want to see pics. of your final project! Looked like a fun weekend.

I love looking at all of Cami's old design friends, because you guys open my creative mind and remind me of all of the design projects I want to do. Thanks!