Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{Hill-arious night!}

So last night was the Hills party and it was a blast! I didn't realize that the show didn't start till 11:00pm because usually it starts at 8:00 here! So when everyone showed up, I told them I felt so bad that I had them come over at 7:30, but they all stayed and I'm so glad they did! We had so much fun, laughing, talking about how dumb Spencer and Heidi are, and entertaining each other with funny stories!
The sista and I
Oh, the food was delicious! Chili's chips and salsa, meatballs, and veggies! So good!
Ali & McCall playing the purse game. Here's how you play. You pull things out of your purse and try to one up each other with who has the most random things. Ali pulled out deodorant, goggles, and wet wipes. McCall looks a little disappointed here since her flash light isn't as cool as Ali's goggles.
Okay, this was the funniest moment of the night! Before the premier started, we watched the Top 10 Hills moments and the last 2 episodes from last season. Well, we started talking about Heidi's music video and some people hadn't seen it (if you haven't watch it, it's sooo funny), so we watched it on you tube. The link to the video I have is The Soup making fun of it. Anyway, after we watched it, I had McCall pose like Heidi in the music video. I think I pee'd a little from laughing so hard!
Teri thought it was pretty funny too!
The gals watching the pre-show.
Even though it ended up being a late night, we had a blast! Thanks for coming gals!


caitlin said...

Okay, so I hadn't heard anything about the Heidi video, but I just laughed my guts out!

Colleen Sherman said...

Oh my goodness... McCall has the "Heidi Hands" down pretty well. This is THE WORST video ever. But I love Joel Mchale's version. :-)

Glad you ladies had a fun time watching the Hills. I caught it today (on one of its many replays). Looks like a promising season with lots of Speidi drama.

Barry said...

Whoever edited that video should be shot. It's so bad, she actually becomes less sexy as you watch her.

But man, I LOVE the soup!

shell said...

Seriously McCall that is awesome Heidi Hands!!! I laughed out loud!

McCall said...

oh no...i do remember banning that picture from the blogging world but, apparently people think i'm very heidi-like. ha. really though...why does it look like i have no make-up on???

JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

What a fun night! Wish Cam and I lived in Utah because we would have been there for sure. Why do we like this show so much? I ask myself that evertime I'm watching it. I love the SOUP and I always try to figure out what they are going to make fun of on the upcoming Soup show. Ohh and I HATE SPENCER more and more. Jerk! Even my husband ( who makes fun of me for watching it) made a few comments throughout the show. ha! Looked like a fun party!

Katie said...

Looks like you girls had a blast! Woot!

And that video was hilarious! I love The Soup!

I miss you! When's the next girl's night?? Hopfully before I pop!

I love exclamation points!!!!!

Sarah Marie said...

Looks like such a fun, girlie time! Goggles is pretty random! And yes, that video is the worst thing of all time -- but that's what makes the hills so awesome! yummm chips and salsa.