Saturday, August 23, 2008


andrew found this little kitten at his work today.
she was tucked under the back of a car, and she was all greasy
i took her home and bathed her, gave her some food, and now she's sleeping in her make-shift box/bed.
we already have 2 cats, and although i'd love to keep her, we just can't
if you're interested in her, email me
she hasn't been spayed and as far as I know she hasn't been vaccinated either, but she is very sweet, cuddly, quiet, and beautiful!


Sarah Marie said...

Awww!!!! This kitten is SOO adorable. And I have so got kitten fever! Wah! I wish I could have a third cat. Hope you find a good home for this little one!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Aww! So cute! I LOVE kittens. But, like you, we already have 2 cats! Plus, the whole distance thing. Dang. Such a cutie. I'll let people know just in case they might want her!

Katie said...

I want a cat so bad!

If I didn't already have so many pooplings to clean up after...

Hope you find someone to take her!

Might I suggest that you guys put signs up around Andrew's work with a pic of the kitty, saying "FOUND"? My niece lost her kitten two years ago and she still misses her so badly!

Kat said...

ahhhh. she is so cute! I'm totally allergic to cats, and I'm really not a fan either, BUT she is super cute. Hope you find a home!