Sunday, July 13, 2008

{to each his own}

Okay, okay! I get it!
So...I've decided that there is no middle ground on this issue. You either loved the book, or you hated it. Twilight that is. I can see everyones point on this...sort of. "It's a fun way to escape the everyday" was one that I heard a lot. But why do you want to escape to a book where the girl is a total turd? *sigh* Sorry. Anyway, we've had our chance to vent so let's move on shall we?
Let's just agree to disagree! Truce?
(I will say this though. I'm still planning on seeing the movie. That way, when...I mean if the movie turns out as great as the cover of Entertainment Weekly, I can say "told you so!" He-he!)


Jessica Kettle said...

lets go see it together. and laugh.

The Smith Family said...

I'm totally with you on how BAD I think the movie will be... But ya GOTTA see it right?

Brittney Andy and Boston said...

Umm, am I the only person who has never even heard of these books and has no intentions of reading them?
I was totally in the dark until about a week ago, when I started seeing a billion posts about it and countdowns for the movie.
I'm gonna say it's because I am far to busy being the perfect supermom to be caught up in such things. But then, we would all know I was lying.

shell said...

ha ha ha turd is one of my favorite words! and I agree that she is one too! :) love you babe!