Friday, July 18, 2008

{remember when...}

I'm a very nostalgic person and I often reminisce about people and places I love. I even have fond memories of many of you!
Sam- remember going to The Bay for the first time? And pookie? LOL! Those were the days!
Cami- I remember when you helped me gather all my graduation stuff together so I could walk with you guys in college! I had just gone through a terrible break up, and in my depressed state I didn't want to walk. Thanks for snapping me out of it, and for being such a great friend during that time!
Mom- I remember driving up to Oak Glen by Grandmas house with you. It was just the two of us, and you bought me a tiny tea set. I love it and I still have it!
Amanda- I remember sitting next to you at BYU football games with Cam thinking you were such a cute, funny girl and so stylish! I also remember when you started dating Jordan, and I was at your apartment and you were telling us how excited you were & how cute he was! And look what it turned into!
Bridgette- I remember when we went to the farmers market with you and after, we went to your house. I loved your style, your personality, and your red shoes! I also remember thinking how lucky my mom was to have such a fantastic, funky friend!

Okay, so that is just a handful of the memories I have with all of you! So, since I love reminiscing, and also cause I like when people talk about me (in a good way of course!), I thought I'd give this a shot!

Here's what you do:

1. Leave a comment about a memory you have with me. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. If you want to put this on your blog, let me know in your comment. I will come to your blog and leave you a comment about a memory I have with you. If you don't want to do this on your blog, I will put my memory of you in my comments. (So make sure you come back to this post to see what memory I have about you.)

~This goes without saying, but remember: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!~


The Smith Family said...

uh... well I WOULD put a memory down that i would have made TONIGHT, but since I CAN'T go, because you NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT IT! Ah.. lol. I'm so mad. Did you write about the girls night on facebook?
I'm hurt
(jk, just really bummed... I need a girls night SO bad)

Lisa K said...

I didn't meet you until you and Andrew were engaged. One time my mom and I ran into Andrew at Harmon's in Sandy and he told us that he was getting you a ring and was going to be proposing soon and I was excited to meet you!

The first time I met you was at my parent's house for one of my sister's farewells/homecomings and I thought, "Wow, Andrew did very well in finding him a wife! She's cute and fun!"

lifeinredshoes said...

Ahh Shan, you are so sweet. Memories of you, coming to the great furniture sale that you and you Mom used to do. Being blown away by the chairs that you had covered in black toile, beautiful. I guess that when I think of you I think of a young lady that has grown into a confident woman. So talented and driven, I can't wait to see what happens next. I heart ya, B

April said...

Just one? Man, our entire freshman year was quite memorable. I was just thinking this morning of "SHANCANNDOIT!" (quite a slogan, I must admit. Not to brag.) and "tiny spicy chicken, oh ho!"

Remember when we went to the Utah/Idaho border late one night for no apparent reason and the car nearly died? We sang hymns all the way home and made it safely.

There was the bald guy in the Forgotten Carols (John, I think)that you passed off onto me by ignoring his advances to you and he tried to get me to rub his head...
Oh man...I could go on. We had good times.

I look forward to some more this afternoon when we finally meet for lunch! Wahoo!

Sarah Marie said...

Aww! I loved hearing all of your fav memories with your loved ones! I've never met you yet so I don't have any in-person memories but from reading your blog, I really do feel like I know you, so when we do meet one day I can say, "Hey Shan, remember when your cat rode around in your car like a total pro? Wasn't that so funny?!" Ha. My memories of you are that you are the sweetest thing ever and some of your awesome comments have made my day!

Jess said...

Ummm.. Young Women's, when it was you, me, Courtney, Jana and sometimes Kate. Those were fun times! (Before they split the ward when we turned 13 or whatever...) And lots of laughs at Chilis. Loved that!

The Vreelands said...

I remember going to one of your birthday parties in middle school and thinking you were one of the coolest people I had ever met. We played these awesome games. One of them is still my favorite it is "ooga booga" where you sit on the wet sponge in the end. That was a lot of fun.

This is a complete side note...but I went to a place the other day that I think you would is called Dear Lizzies by Alpine. It has really cute fashionable things. Have you ever been there?

cathycan said...

Your first day home, after being born, I held you in front of me with your head cradled in my hands and your little body resting on my lap. I was just studying this baby wonder-girl that had just entered my life when ,at 3 days old, you looked intently at me and cooed and oohed like you had something so very important to tell me. We haven't stopped talking since. You are my bootiful wonder-girl!

Katie said...

HOLY CRAP MOM CATHY, so not fair. You got a preggo bawling over here now. That was seriously so sweet! Ah!

And, Shelley.. you'd better come tonight!

I already played this game, but I do have to say that now that you've dredged the memory up (I think I tried to forget).. Emo's Grave was prolly the funniest (and scariest).

The Little Hiatt Family said...

We have made many memories. I remember the first time I saw you. I thought you always dressed SO DANG NICE! I was jealous. ha ha! And then we both had talked to that guy who was a abseball player.. and he thought he was all that..?!?! remember? It was before you dated Andrew and I dated Shayne. We are both married now. LOL! But yeah. I miss all our fun! I miss you girlie.

Brandon and Michelle Day said...

Great! I read Mrs. cann's comment and I just can't top that and I am crying! Thanks!

I remember when we went to eat lunch at Cheesecake Factory and we talked about getting someone (they know who they are) diapers because of their loose bladder:-)

Vail blog said...

Funny...since we have never met!:) I remember you commented on my gift wrap comment on shellie's blog. How I needed everything to match. I felt like a retard for leaving it and quickly erased it.:) I checked out your blog and have enjoyed your whit and humor ever since!

Brittney Andy and Boston said...

So the memory I always have when I think of you is just a split second in time. We were sitting on Laura's front porch in the rocker bench. I can't even remember who else was there. You were being your hilarious bigger than life self and said something that cracked you up. I can just see your profile in my mind of you laughing your head off.

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Remember driving down State looking for boys? And then we went over that big bump at the base of the Avenue hills and your car started to leak gas. And we all thought we were going to explode on the way home. Those were the times!!! :)

The Badgers said...

Hey Shan, The memory that comes to mind is when we baked cupcakes for those one boys and brought them over to their house. What they didn't know was that we baked a moth right in with them? Why did we do that anyway? LOL!!! All the nights we spent talking throughout our problems are unforgettable as well. I would say our friendship was a chapter in each of our lives.