Saturday, July 26, 2008

{Pioneer Day}

Every 24th of July we pack up our favorite potluck dish and head down down to Fairview for the annual Anderson family BBQ & Demolition Derby! What better way is there to celebrate our Pioneer Heritage than watching a good ol' redneck rodeo? Yee-haw baby! That's right folks, this car actually got flipped over! The crowd went crazy! Don't worry, the driver was a-okay!
Cousin Dave and his girlfriend (hopefully soon to be fiance) Melissa
Ben & Angelina
Group shot attempt #1
2nd attempt
Things started to get a little crazy. It must have been the fumes from the old cars!Happy 24th ya'll!


Barry said...

Cousin Dave's mustache is AWESOME!!!!

April said...

I must echo Barry. Also, you are hot. I especially love that last picture. Did you do something new to your hair?

Katie said...

You look so cute! I love that necklace!

Looks like you guys had a blast!

cathycan said...

You are a lucky girl to have joined a fun family! I appreciate the Crawfords soo much for making you feel a part of "them"! LOoks like a blast!

Sarah Marie said...

You always go to such fun activities! Looks like a blast! And that's fun that it's a potluck/BBQ for the whole family! Good times. And yes, your necklace does look cute! I like the "crazy" picture. haha