Saturday, June 28, 2008

{redneck rodeo}

Hey ya'll! Tonight, Andrew and I had the pleasure of attending one of Utah's finest summer time events- a Redneck Rodeo (a.k.a Demolition Derby). Andrew's friend Alex told him about it earlier this week, and we couldn't pass up the chance! Now, if you've never been to a redneck rodeo, you're missing out. The minute you drive into the gravel parking lot and park next to a massive SUV with a 12" lift and see a pregnant woman getting out, balancing a beer in one hand and a barefoot, half naked baby in the other, you know you're in for a treat! Yee-haw!
Here's a little taste of the action!

I loved the bright spray paint on this car!

Loud + Fast = indestructible and vicious!
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? That's right! They painted their car to look like a Sponge Bob! This car won the "prettiest car", however they did terrible when it came time to bust up the other cars! One hit and they were out!
The hubs and me!
Nice hit! Car #23 was a Derby favorite!


Steph Corwin said...

That looks so fun! haha I love "redneck" events.. Cale's dad races dirt track late models and we love to go and drink a big ol' beer and eat hot dogs. It's so fun to just kick back like that sometimes

lifeinredshoes said...

No one can accuse you of being boring! It was the truck that got me, I spent some of my growin up years in Kamas. You ain't lived til you've spent Saturday night draggin mainstreet, all 2 blocks of it!

caitlin said...

Oh man, I am so so jealous! Bob and I love the Demo Derby! The big one in Heber is coming up.. we are pumped for all of the destruction!

April said...

Shan, I'm not gonna' lie...I do not find these events very amusing.
I've been to one or two...but then again, I don't like anything loud or crowded. I'm glad you can have fun in so many different settings!

BECKY said...

HA HA HA HA!!! As I watched the video I found myself smiling and laffing... and thinking, "gosh these people are such rednecks!!!" I love the SpongeBob one! I might have to give one of these a try... I think the laffter that comes from watching other people would make it all worth it!

The Vreelands said...

Hey Shannon. I am not sure if you remember me from High School, but this is Alison Ballard (now Vreeland). I just started my own blog too and we also went to the Rodeo last weekend, crazy huh? Wasn't it way more fun then you thought it was going to be?

marta said...

oh yes, i LOVE the annual derby. am so glad you took some shots. utah has some of the best derbys around. that is what summer is all about!

Jess said...

Love those! Looks like fun!