Monday, June 23, 2008

{hello fashionista!}

I've been watching a lot of "What Not to Wear" lately, in an attempt to give a little "umph" to my wardrobe. I've learned a lot, but there are still a few items in my closet that I'm sure Stacy and Clint would definitely throw out! (oh, the shame!)

So in my search to become more of a fashionista, I stumbled upon this little beauty....Great styles and free shipping! What more could a girl ask for?! Here is what InStyle had to say about it: This Maryland shop carries fresh and modern labels like Milly, Rock & Republic and Shoshanna. Check out and use promo code INSTYLE08 from from June 20th to July 31st to receive 25% off your purchases.
Cute clothes and a sale? How can you resist?


tai and joe said...

I love that show. Joe hates it! I tell him that he doesn't understand. I am going to check out that website.

Sarah Marie said...

What not to wear-- Yay! I love that show! Dang, I wish I had cable. Haha, I know they'd throw out a bunch of my stuff too. I wish I could go on the show so I could get a 5,000 shopping spree! But I wouldn't go to the designer stores- I would take the $$ to Old Navy, Target and Urban Oufitters. The top and bag you posted are TOO cute!