Thursday, June 26, 2008

{diana + holga}

I'd like one of these for my birthday!

Isn't she pretty? And look at the fun pictures she takes too!

This is her friend Holga. Not as attractive, however I hear she produces a prettier picture.

I'd be happy with either one!


caitlin said...

I just posted about Holga's a little while ago, mine just barely came in the mail, I am super excited to go out and shoot. We should go together sometime! (oh and I would go with a Holga)

shell said...

I like Dina too. Just that little bit of color just makes her so purty

Silver Pelican Photography said...

I have both, but my Diana scratches my film so I don't use her. I love my holga!

Durkin said...

I have the holga and I would like to get the diana. They are booth cool cameras :)

Sarah Marie said...

They're both so cool! I love Diana tho! Neato burrito.

Jessica Kettle said...

haha I just posted about the diana too! I still haven't developed the first roll of test film from my diana. I'm pretty sure I put it in upside down. So we'll see what happens...?