Friday, May 16, 2008

Twilight Guy

Hello! I’m Shannon’s friend, Lisa from The New Adventures of Old Lisa. I was asked to guest blog today, so here I go!

I initially wanted to post about something decorating-oriented, but came up empty when today came. I haven’t seen anything in the past week that has really jumped out at me. So I remembered the last conversation Shan and I had before she left on vacation. We were talking about things she should take with her and she mentioned that she had only read the first book in the Twilight series, so maybe she should take New Moon. What?! How can you not want to automatically jump into the sequel? Crazy woman!

So my topic for today is about a hilarious blog that a friend introduced to me called Twilight Guy. It’s about a guy who is reading Twilight for his first time and he narrates the play-by-play action from a male’s perspective. It’s also caught the attention from Stephenie Meyer, who is now a big fan of his work! Here’s a sampling of his interpretation of Chapter 7:

“So after many days of going to bed at 4 AM and waking up sometime around noon, the crazy schedule is finally starting to sink in on me. But bah to that! It’s summer break! I felt much relieved to find I had nothing to do today but a quick radio show, record some audio for my Youtube video, and read another part of Twilight. Hello chapter 7!

Bella’s computer modem hopped right out at me, since I have suffered through many a slow internet connection in my days. I remember back when we were in a rent house and had degraded from hi-speed to dial-up for ‘just a few months’ (or so they said). In the time it took to connect, I was able to take a shower, eat breakfast, clean the kitchen, and come up with advanced astrophysical theories to various unsolved questions of the universe before I could even see appear. And once it was on, I might as well break for lunch if I wanted to click ‘Check Mail’. Bella’s computer seems to be no different.

While on the subject of Bella’s computer, I should note that she has a very bad virus. After all, simply leaving your screen for a few minutes should not create an army of popup ads. But then, when she did a search for ‘Vampire’ I realized how she got a virus. There are certain terms whose sites are more prone to carry viruses than others. And I’m sure Bella’s on some government list after looking that up.
Bella’s dreams of Edward have gotten stranger, specifically because now Jacob is in them, when she has only really met him once before (even though she knew his sisters, it didn’t seem that she knew him all that well). Also, Dr. Cullen must be a major donor to that school, because his kids are overlooked despite being absent very often, or at least invisible.” Read more here.

He adds funny pictures to his post, so I would recommend checking it out. And if you’re one that doesn’t care about his opinions of the chapters, then you must read the “hate mail” and commentary by other males. In all, it’s just one of those sites that is very entertaining to read when you’re bored.


shell said...

i love that the one fan had named their twins rosalie and jasper.

Master Blaster said...

Thanks for turning me onto that guy's funny blog.

Hope Mexico is a total blast Shan.