Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Ragged Manhandled Shinny...

I thought I'd start my guest blogging experience with an anagram of "Design Gal and Her Handyman." I find it appropriate, considering the circumstances, and what better way to open the doors of creativity than with an anagram! Doesn't the word, "manhandled" just catch your eye, too? It's a word not commonly used in the English language. Nor is "shinny." In fact, I don't even know what a shinny is. And I would look it up, but I need to finish this blog and then play with Shannon's cats till they get really tired so they don't stand at the door and cry when I go to bed.

They're adorable cats. Although I think Pumba ate some batteries as a kitten. He is the closest thing to a real energizer bunny I've ever seen in real life. Kiki is much more chill. She doesn't completely trust my feet yet. Yeah, it's weird. She'll jump up and nuzzle me and be all cute, but she's still wary of my feet. If I move them too fast she suddenly inherits the lightning-intense energy more commonly seen in Pumba and disappears to the unknown corners of the apartment. She eyes my feet much like you or I might eye an uncaged gorilla if it sat in the same room as us.

Oh yeah. I'm Barry, by the way. I'm sorry I didn't get that out there sooner. My blog is found here. You should check it out. It's as fulfilling as a genuine, chocolate-dipped, sugar-sprinkled Boston Canoli but with only half the calories. Yum! **Disclaimer: Barry assumes no responsibility for weight gain associated with reading his blog.**

So, I've never guest blogged before, and really don't know what to write about, so I figure I'll just talk about what happened last night. :)

I had gone out to dinner last night at a sushi restaurant called "Tsunami". (Which, by the way, is just amazing. The sushi is high-end, but from a culinary perspective stands far above your typical fare.) Anyway, I got back to the apartment at around 10:45pm, and as I pull up to the gates, I realize they're closed. Well, Shannon never told me they closed the gates. So there I was in the car, gawking awkwardly at the control panel for the gate, fully aware that I have no way of getting the code. Well, I figured I'd just be clever about it and wait till somebody exited the complex from the other side. The gates would open, I would drive through, and all would be well.

Only nobody came.

I sat there for probably four minutes, which doesn't sound like that long until you realize that there are people parked at the Arby's next door staring at you like you're a criminal. I decided that it probably wasn't the best idea to just wait, so I pulled over into the parking lot to consider my parents - praying that by some off chance, Shannon had given them the code. Just in case.

Well, they didn't have the code. But just as I hung up, I saw another car approaching and the gates began to open. Quickly, I shifted the car into gear, lurched out of the parking lot and sped, like a bat out of hell, through the large mechanical jaws just as they began to close. All in all it wasn't really that much of an ordeal. Had I not been able to get in, I could have stayed the night at my parents house in Sandy, so it wasn't life threatening or anything. But still, one can not help but wonder why the gates were closed in the first place. They're never closed. I had actually begun to wonder why the gates were even there.

Later that night I saw a police car cruising the parking lot, spotlights ablaze, so I wonder if perhaps there was a break-in or something? That would explain why the gates were closed. I must have been dreaming about it because I woke up disoriented, standing in the middle of the room at 5:00am. That's NEVER comforting.




Sarah Marie said...

Hee-- maybe the police car was cruising the parking lot looking for YOU! Hee. I like the title of this post-- it's CRAZY! Pumba and Kiki sounds like fun!

Master Blaster said...

I enjoyed your post Barry. I like anagrams.