Thursday, May 8, 2008

{apartment available}

I need your help! Andrew and I found a great basement apartment out by Daybreak, but we need to start our lease July 1. We need to move out of our apartment by the end of this month, but out lease isn't up until the end of July. We can get out of our contract if we have someone that can take our apartment (which honestly, is really great- we didn't expect to find something better). The ward is also really great if you're LDS, and the neighbors rock! We're sad to leave, but it's time! So if you know anyone who wants to live in Salt Lake (around 4500 S & 900 E) please, please have them email me!
Here are some perks...
2 bedrooms
1 1/2 bath
laundry hookups
920 sq ft
cable hookups
vaulted ceilings
the back porch looks over the cottonwood creek
great, quiet neighbors
2nd (top) level
pool, hot tub, laundry facility, work out room & business center w/ internet on site
gated complex w/ covered parking & lots of big trees
10 minutes from downtown
Email me with questions or if you're interested-


Lisa K said...

What?! You're supposed to move more south, not west!

tai and joe said...

I am sad that you guys are moving! I hope we get good neighbors in there. I am glad that we ended up staying.

caitlin said...

How much is the rent on it? My friend was looking for something a while ago, I am not sure if she is still looking or not.

shell said...

of course I'll guest blog! thats like asking me do I like a huge sleeve of saltine crakers with a hunk of cheese? YES!

Sarah Marie said...

Congrats on finding a new apartment! Good luck with finding someone to move into your old place! Too bad I live in Cali or I would totally consider your place-- it sounds awesome! Especially the creek!