Sunday, April 6, 2008

{we're rock stars baby!}

Saturday night, me, Kelly, & Barry made the most wicked awesome music video you will ever see in your life. We paid tribute to the one and only Meatloaf, and rocked out till the wee hours of the morn. I take no credit for the awesomeness though. With Kelly's mad dance skills and Barry's editing genius, the video was a success.
Watching this video could and probably will result in hysteria. We recommend you use the bathroom before watching.
Thank you, and enjoy!


Ashley said...

hahahahahaha. I can't believe I just watched that entire thing. That was awesome. Looks like you guys had fun.

Barry had some pretty good moves, and someone did a rad editing job. :)

You're so lucky to have friends that can be so silly with you. :)

I love it!

Claire said...

Wow!! You guys have some MAD TALENT!!! That was awesome!

The editing was excellent. Very impressive. And I think you all had some pretty sweet moves! :D

Shellie said...

oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! That was so freaking funny. parts I loved best... when you got in the sleeping bag... when you sang as yourself... when Barry when and picked up the jack o lantern... and is that Andrew getting in on it at the end?????

Brittney Andy and Boston said...


shan & andrew said...

Sadly, Andrew didn't want to participate this time- there was some show about snakes on Discovery that he had to watch. I made him promise next time!

The guy you see at the end is my little brother Ty. We tried to convince him to be in it, but he felt awkward (as 15 year olds usually do). But he was a good sport for giving it a shot! Kelly is my cousin, and Barry is my older brother (I inherited my mad dancing skills from him).

EmilyPie said...

ack... I have to wait until lunch to see these.. but I totally can't wait!

Scott and Lindsey said...

You guys have way to much fun with a video camera. Awesome dancing and lip syncing skills. I was so blown away that I am speechless (but not typeless).

Megan said...

I am worried, confused, laughing hysterically and fight a sudden urge to download every Meatloaf song EVER. Awesome video. I am cracking up in the middle of my cubical.

Kat said...

You are hilarious. I could always tell it was you because of your smile- can't keep a straight face huh;) I never can when it's something funny like that!

BECKY said...

amazing transitions.
dance moves that defy gravity.
incredible props.
wow shan. what talent you have.