Wednesday, April 9, 2008

{thanks Mom!}

Random, pretty gifts from my mom- just one of the many perks of being the only girl! She picked up this little beauty at a local store called Nest!
Plus, I love gifts wrapped in a simple cellophane bag with pretty ribbons!


bridgette said...

I'm glad you like the little purse! Your Mom always makes things look so special. When we saw I told her that it went perfeclty with your post about the yellow shoes. Kepp blogging baby, I check every day!

shell said...

what about gifts wrapped in target bags?

Scott and Lindsey said...

I love Nest, but don't go there enough. Relics is my favorite frame store and it is right next to it.
Awhile back you asked me if my sister was still single, but I never got back to you, but the answer is yes. If you want to see her picture you need to go all the way to my Halloween posts. She is the Wendy's girl.

Sarah Marie said...

I think i'm in love with this! So cute. And yes, I agree- I like the simple wrapping!