Sunday, April 13, 2008

{my bad...}

I'm baaaack! For those of you who didn't notice, I haven't posted for a couple of days. If you didn't notice, that just means you're not freakishly attached to your computer like I am. In other words, you're not an blogging that is. So I apologize. I feel kinda like a hypocrite because I religiously check every single persons blog on my lists and if they haven't added new stuff, I get bugged. Hey, I'm just being honest. Seriously though, is it really that hard to post something every single day people? I think not...psh!
Anyway, here's an update on what's been going down in S-town. Yesterday the fam and I went down to the BYU Blue & White Scrimmage. It was finally nice and warm...about 55/60ish. For you folks down in Phoenix, that's freezing, I know, but to us it was glorious! Here are a few action shots. Oh, by the way BYU won....I heard some girl asking on the way out of the stadium. Lol.
The Brotha's and the hubster
Hammin' it up.
There was this little boy sitting across from us and he had the CUTEST stuffed beaver! I thought it was funny cause you usually see kids with a bear or a bunny...but nope, this kid had a beaver!


Claire said...

I had to laugh, because I am the same way as you... I check my google reader, and I'm so ticked if there is nothing to read. Especially since I have like 60 blog subscriptions!!!

My favourite is knowing that some people check my blog multiple times a day, yet never update theirs... (ahem, all my siblings!!)

FoodFashionFetish said...

glad to have you back!

Lisa K said...

You were only 5 miles from my house on Saturday! I heard that was a fun game to attend. I had some friends take their kids to the football clinic before the game.