Saturday, April 5, 2008

{I feel a tradition coming on...}

German Pancakes, Dutch Babies, Puffy Ovens, or them what you want; All I know is that they are delicious! Andrew and I woke up this morning and I had a hankerin' for some Puffy Pancakes (what my family calls them)! I remembered Lisa had a great recipe on her cooking blog, so I looked it up & cooked 'em up! I also tried her suggestion and used whole wheat flour, and the results were awesome!
As Rachel Ray would say- Yumm-oh!!!
I think we're going to make these every Conference Saturday from now on! Does your family have any similar traditions with food? If so, please share!


Lisa Kendrick said...

Yeah!! I'm glad you liked them!! I was just thinking that I should try IKEA's lingonberry preserves on Puffy Ovens tomorrow morning! Aren't they so easy to make too?

Natalie* said...

oooh my fam does the same thing. dutch babies, we call them and we have them on christmas and conference....try it with the magleby's syrup. easy to make and impressive!

SaraLady said...

No German Pancakes for us on conference weekend but we do have baked eggs! (well...I have baked egg whites!) They are WONDERFUL!

shell said...

I am making them right now for dinner. yay