Tuesday, April 1, 2008

{hey there cupcake}

It seems everyone is obsessed with cupcakes (there are little cupcakes shops popping up all over Salt Lake!)...and who can blame them? Seriously, who can resist a perfectly proportioned, individual, pretty, little cake? I know I can't, which is why I made a batch for our Easter dessert a few weeks ago!Then I stumbled upon this little beauty...

Martha Stewart knows her stuff!


Scott and Lindsey said...

I am obsessed with cupcakes. They are my favorite. I think of them as baby cakes, and who doesn't love baby things?

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Mmmmmm.... this post makes me hungry. I'm sorry you were sick! That sucks so bad! I had the weight loss thing last time I was sick, and, like you, I was totally stoked! Yeah for losing weight! I hope you are feeling better! Good job posting even when you were under the weather!

Ashley said...

Oh Martha, how I love you.

Are you feeling any better? Hope so!

Shellie said...

Martha's cupcake looks like a pile of dog poo.

Which I guess would make your's a pile of Care Bear poo.

Robert & Heather Stephenson said...

Shame on you!!! This post is going to make break my diet!!! (I too have lost 5 lbs. but I think my way was a little healthier-exercise).

Katy said...

www.dozencupcakes.com is AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to try them!!! :-) they just look scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

mmmm, that looks like a "dipped" cone!! I need shellie to tell me what to do in Atlanta while at my Reading conf. Mom

Shellie said...

Shannon's Mom,

Here's some place's not to go.

-any El Cheapo Gas Station
-Underground Mall -unless you are looking for apple bottom jeans
-Marta after Dark
-Phipps plaza-unless you like to feeling of feeling stupid and poor. Their clearence section for shoes were priced anywhere from $400-$900

Here's some places to go.
-Coca Cola Factory
-AQUARIUM- Its worth the money!!!
-Any Double Tree Hotel-they give out free cookies--just walk in and pretend you are going to your room... stop by front desk ask for 2 cookies... one for you and your "friend"

Lisa Kendrick said...

I liked the CNN Building in Altanta. The Varsity is a famous place to eat downtown. And don't forget about the Cabbage Patch Hospital!