Monday, April 7, 2008

{gal pals}

So, lately I've been thinking a lot about friends- not just any kind of friends, but girlfriends. There are many of you out there who I've met or become better friends with via blogging, and I just want to say, "Holla, to all my biznatches!" Seriously though, you guys are SO funny, creative, supportive, talented, etc, and I wish we could chill for real! It's a shame we all live in different states (with the exception of a few of my Utah peeps- Sup?)
So, in my effort to hang out with my girlfriends more, I propose this:

A Girls Night!!!

I'm extending this invite to anyone who wants to come! I'm thinking Chili's chips and salsa, but we can talk about details later! This will also be a great way to network and meet new, fun friends (maybe more for me, than you, but you never know!)

So for real- leave a comment and let me know what day of the week works best for you and what time and I'll coordinate something!


shell said...

I'll be flying out in June! So I would totally love to kick it with you biznatch! Oh and I took that down because I didn't write it myself... I stole it from another (funnier) ladies site and even though I did leave in a comment that I was stealing it... I felt like a total poser.

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Sounds like fun!

The Smith Family said...

I'm all for it... let me know when, and I'll try to get Cason to watch the kids!
Awesome! I'll get Karlie to come too

McCall said...

Oh man...when I saw that pic I was totally hoping for some hook up to a sneak preview of the Sex and the City movie. Guess I'll have to wait and see it May 30th like a regular civilian. ;) I'm totally down for a girls night...lots of 'em since my hubby's leaving me for 5 months. Keep me in mind. I'm free....always.

Vail blog said...

I found you through a little blog jumping and think your blog is fantastic. I am in love with those ballet shoes. Hope you don't mind me peeking in. I wondered if you would mind if I start peeking on a regular basis.

Jess said...

So, I haven't actually seen you in years, and I would totally be down for a girl's night! It would be so fun, and nothing says girls night like Chili's chips and salsa. I am there! Every night but Wednesday works for me! (And I hope you don't mind me peeking in to check your blog too--I love it!)

Ashley said...

Aw man! I would be totally in if I lived there! I haven't been to Chili's in years! yummy.

have fun!

maybe make another music video, hehe

The Badgers said...

I would love to do it maybe a friday or saturday night! I know I know, that is usually the night to be with our husbands but can't they watch the kids for one night! Can't they be alone for one night! Let's make it happen.