Friday, April 4, 2008

{Fab Friday!}

I can hardly contain my excitement! Today was a good day my friends.

I had made plans to meet a friend for lunch at The Pub in Trolley Square, and I arrived a little early. (Confession- I actually planned to get there early. Trolley Square has some awesome stores, so I figured I could browse a little bit before our rendezvous! Pretty smart, eh?)

Anyway, after buying some really cool wrapping paper from Cabin Fever, I walked past one of my favorite stores called The Black Chandelier. I usually go in to browse and don't buy anything, because it's a little expensive and sometimes it's a bit too funky (even for me!) So, I walked in the store and the cashier tells me that everything is 50-85% off. Super! I asked her if they were closing the store (hence the big sale), and she told me they were just trying to get rid of all the "old" stuff to make way for the new stuff.

So as I browsed around, we started chatting a bit and I learned she was actually Jared Gold, (the head designer's) publicist, and she wasn't even supposed to be working the counter (a little odd). Anyway, since I knew everything was on sale, I went straight to the shoe section and saw these little beauties...

*sigh* It was love at first sight.

I hadn't tried them on yet, so I reached for the 8 1/2, pulled out the cardboard that was stuffed into the toe, and slipped them on my foot. Much to my dismay, the felt a teentsy, tiny little bit tight. Bummer. I asked if they had any 9's in the back and she said everything they had was out. It was just my luck that the perfect pair a spring shoes didn't fit. Damn the shoe gods! I felt just like Carrie Bradshaw when she discovered the coveted Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane's in the Vogue sample room, only to find they didn't fit her.

I had to think this over. The shoes were originally $45. I thought about it for a minute. Did I really want to spend $22.50 on a pair of shoes that were a tiny bit tight? After arguing with myself in my mind, I decided I wouldn't get them, hung my head and sadly put the shoe box back.

The cashier/publicist noticed my sad demeanor and shot me a look that said, "Girl, you grab those shoes and purchase them NOW! Those shoes were meant for you! Buy them, I say! BUY THEM!"

I panicked for a moment, wondering if I she would resort to violence if I tried walking out of the store without the shoes, so I shot her a brave look back that said, "Honey, you seriously expect me to spend $22 on a pair of shoes that don't fit?! Psh!!"

For about 15 seconds, we had a stare off, glaring at each other, raising eyebrows and tilting our heads, silently arguing about the shoes. She broke the stare first, glancing back at the shoes I had just put back on the shelf, and said the magic words- "Well......what if I give you ...75% off?"

My eyes opened wide, the room lit up, and the heavens praised hallelujah! I was sold!

I felt super satisfied as I safely walked out of the store with my new shoes in hand, and hoped she wouldn't get in trouble for giving me such a great deal (since she wasn't even supposed to be working the counter).

So now, here I am, $11.25 poorer, but I own a FANTASTIC new pair of cute, yellow spring shoes! Who cares if they're a little tight!


Brandon and Michelle Day said...

Sometimes for shoes that cute, you have to sacrifice. Beauty is a sacrifice. Just wear them with stockings!!

Katy said...

so cute!!!! love them! I want to go shopping so bad... but I am so poor I had to have my boyfriend buy me SOAP and my allergy medicine tonight. HAHAHAA!!!! sad.... the life of a college student. LOL!

The shoes are adorable though!

Claire said...

Just in case those shoes get a little tight and you need to get rid of them, I wear an 8 1/2... just wanted to put that out there. Just in case!! I love that you referenced Sex and the City... I'm a huge fan! I love that episode.

Lisa Kendrick said...

I also love that you're a Sex and the City fan!! I haven't seen a Rated R movie in over 5 years but I told Joe that I might break my streak when the movie comes out this spring. I'll blame it on my crazy pregnancy hormones. =)

And isn't being a woman all about sacrificing your comfort to look good?

Megan said...

What a steal! Those shoes are adorable.

Tricia said...

I loved this post. Funny.