Sunday, April 27, 2008

{cinco de mayo fiesta!!!}

That's right, Andrew and I are throwing a CINCO DE MAYO party this Saturday and ya'll are invited!
When: Saturday May 3
(we know it's not on the 5th, but it's close enough aight?)
Where: Our place
(email me for directions and to prove you're not an Internet crazy)
Time: 7:00
Bring: Your favorite Mexican dish to share
RSVP: shans_design @
Bring your spouse, wear a sombrero, and be prepared to par-tay!


Claire said...

I need to move back to SLC... I miss all your parties/get togethers! How was the girls night? Did you go to the get together with Brittney and Andy?

shell said...

I need to move back too!


Lisa K said...

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays! In Texas, it was the hugest deal.

I'll have to find out if we'll be in SL this weekend to stop by!

Shell, do you remember that huge sombrero we had at the apartment when we were roommates? Do you know where that went?

Jess said...

Oh, I wish we could come on Saturday. It sounds awesome! We love Cinco de Mayo!

shell said...

lisa I have no clue you'll have to ask Miranda she inherited everything after every one moved. Damnit!

irunwithscissors said...

Wish I could come!! Have too much fun!