Wednesday, March 26, 2008

{poor, little bunny}

Andrew is sick, and has been since Sunday. Lucky for me, I am now getting it too, which sucks. I jokingly asked him today who was going to take care of me, since we're both under the weather, and he just smiled and shrugged. You see, men are more needy when their sick. I like to be left alone to sleep. If I need something, I'll ask but it's usually something small like a glass of water or a cup of soup. On the other hand, I have fulfilled many requests that Andrew has had while being home sick, including buying him the DVD of "Dirty Jobs", because we don't have cable and there's nothing for him to watch on TV. Since I think Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs is hot, I gladly obliged, however there have been more, tedious, detailed requests made which I won't detail- I just think it's funny how men seem to be more needy when their sick. Case in point:


The Badgers said...

Thank you for this post! Well put. Oh, poor little bunny. Mike LOVES to be babied whenever he gets the chance. It is so funny. Get well soon guys.

Summer said...

I think it is funny how guys are like that when they get sick. My husband is the same way. I LOVED the video clip. That is so funny!

Kat said...

didn't see the video yet, but it's totally true. They are super needy when they're sick. good thing they don't usually get sick as much as girls. haha. gotta love em