Wednesday, March 5, 2008

{Oh, I wish I had a farm, e i e i ohhhh!!!}

I've always wanted a goat. Not just any goat though, a Pygmy goat. I'm sure my obsession came from childhood memories. When I was younger, we'd drive past a house in Murray that had a little pasture next to it, with about 10 Pygmy goats cavorting in the field. We'd always stop and stand next to the fence, sticking pieces of tall grass through the holes to feed them and watch them run around and play. They were always really funny, because of how small & round they are. I don't know what it is about miniature animals, but I get a kick out of them! Someday when I have the property, I'll raise Pygmy goats...and I'll probably throw in a Shetland pony, since they're miniature too...isn't this picture the cutest?!


The Badgers said...

It proves how spoiled I was growing up with every animal you could think of including horses and pygmy goats. I took it for granted. It just wasn't my thing. I would much rather have grown a huge crop than have animals. I can't wait to see your goat and horsey! :)

Barry said...

Oh man... goats are the best! They're wild little things, though.

Lisa Kendrick said...

I totally agree with you! I'm always checking them out on KSL Classifieds and informing Joe that they are only like $20...cheaper than a dog! Plus they'll mow your lawn for you.