Sunday, March 2, 2008

{A little B-Ball}

My dad got tickets to the BYU basketball game on Saturday night, so we all drove down to Provo to watch the game! Steve couldn't come to the game, so we met him at Cafe Rio before the game and enjoyed a yummy dinner! We got there just in time though cause it was PACKED by the time we left! The line was out the door! The game was great and we won 76-57 against Air Force!

The fam minus Steve & me (taking the picture)

Cheesin' it up!"Blue Steel"


Ashley said...

Looks like fun! Ooooo, I love your necklace! It reminds me of one that I got when I was in Thailand, but it broke :(. Are there going to be any necklaces on Lulu anytime soon??

BECKY said...

I was at that game too! We had a great time! We were going to buy me a ticket and this kid comes up to us and just gives us two tickets... and they were on like the 15th row!! Woot woot!! We totally sat next to a CRAZY old couple who kept asking us the weirdest questions, but it was good times!

How 'bout those four three-pointers in a row!? Yee-haw!

JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

Girl,I am loving your cute glasses and style. I love the Cheesin it up pics!