Sunday, March 23, 2008


Our back porch sits about 40 feet from the Cottonwood Creek, and just around the corner from that is a huge pond full of ducks and geese. We stopped to feed them yesterday on our way to go Easter basket shopping. Most of the geese were nice and happy to be fed a little bit of bread. (hey that rhymed!)
This one smiled politely while waiting to be fed. Good Goose. But there were a few geese who were a little greedy and impatient. Whitey here, was hissing and honking at us, and no matter how far we backed up, he kept charging! Poor Andrew had to throw bread at him while I took the pictures. Thanks for protecting me honey!
Bad Goose!These geese hang out on our front lawn. They're the most relaxed out of the bunch and very curious! I'm hoping to see baby duckling and goslings romping around here soon!

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EmilyPie said...

my dogs LOVE geese poo. i can't keep them away from it.

.. me? I find geese scarey. I don't think birds should be that large.