Friday, March 21, 2008


Dreaming of Kerala by Margaret Atwood

Ever since I was little, I've had vivid dreams. I always remember them when I wake up. I don't just remember little bits and pieces, I remember everything, and I usually don't forget. I don't know why I dream, but every night it's different. Sometimes they are pleasant dreams, in which I'm doing something fairly normal (relaxing at the beach, hiking through the woods, etc). Sometimes they're very weird. I've had dreams where I've talked to animals- not just talking, but discussing or explaining how to do a human task, such as why you should prepare your taxes before April 15, or how to drive a stick shift car. Weird. I also have reoccurring dreams. When I was little, I used to dream all the time that I was in a huge warehouse with a bunch of unmarked crates, stacked high to the ceiling. In my dream I was being chased by something- I couldn't see it or hear it, I just knew it was after me. I would hide in between the crates, until I saw it's shadow getting close, and then I'd run and hide again. I always woke up right before it grabbed me. I haven't had that dream in a long time, but ever since I got married, I've had vivid dreams. So vivid that when I wake up, I almost feel like I didn't sleep. I feel rejuvenated, but I feel like when I go to sleep I lay down, close my eyes, and then start watching a movie with me in it, and then my alarm goes off and I'm up. I don't feel like I've had relaxing or normal sleep. I think my lack of relaxing sleep is why I had the dream I did last night.

I dreamt I was on a cruise ship with my entire family- in laws and everyone. Andrew's friends were there too, but for most of the cruise, I was in this big, suite. I could hear activities going on outside of the room, and I could even see what people were doing- swimming, tanning, dancing, etc, but I was alone in this room, exhausted, yet I didn't want to sleep because I felt like I would miss out on something. In my dream, nobody knew I was in that room, and nobody came to find me. When I opened the door to the suite, there was a man standing about 3 feet outside the door. The hallway was dark, and when he noticed I opened the door, he lurched at me. I shut the door just in time and locked it, but I could see his shadow under the door. Then all of the sudden in my dream, I'm outside of the suite, and I'm on a pier, looking back at the ship. Now I am with everyone, but the only person that doesn't seem to see or hear me is Andrew. His sisters tell me they like my swimsuit and then we're back on the ship. For some reason, I have to get back to the suite. I find the dark hallway and I can't see if the man is still there, so I walk down the hall, trying not to look scared. I get to the room, and my brother Barry is there. We talk for a little bit and I tell him about what's happened so far. He says not to worry about it and I hear an alarm. At first I am confused, but reality sets in and I realize it's time to get up.
Weird huh? I seriously wish I could just sleep without any dreams. I'm not sure why we even dream. Some people say that dreams are seen as projections of parts of the self that have been ignored, rejected, or suppressed. I can kind of understand that. Maybe I had that dream because Andrew has school at night and I don't see him that often during the week. But what did the man in the hallway mean? Why was I on a cruise? Should I even be looking for "meaning" in my dreams or should I just try to ignore them? What is the weirdest dream you've had? (Sorry for the onslaught of questions!) Dreams are interesting, but in my case it's starting to get old!


Lisa Kendrick said...

You should just get with a blogging friend and choose a day to trade posting for each other.

And I totally used the video that you posted for my guest post on Shellie's. It was too hilarious not to share! =)

Brittney Andy and Boston said...

I do dream analysis. I had a hollistic healer help me interpret once and it really helped. I had been having nightmares every night for a month. When she helped me identify the issues that were projected into my dreams they stopped, I also had a blessing though. Now I just to a site called dream mood. I googled dream analysis and I found it. You can type in a whole dream and it will tell you what it thinks it means. I prefer the dream dictionary. I just look up the items or situations or people I think are key. I would totally check it out. As I was reading your dream I had some ideas as to what I think it meant. Being isolated and not being able to get Andrews attention caught me most. Andy works full time and goes to school full time. So I understand that one well.
You are not alone. I feel my dreams are so vivid I get no rest either. And it was much worse when I was pregnant. They say it is because you wake up so often which helps you to remember more. Can't wait to hear what you find.

Barry said...

Oh man, I LOVE dreams! Mine are always really vivid too. Consider that a blessing, though, as most people I know never remember their dreams.

Have a good day, sis!

BECKY said...

I don't think I want to know what mine mean... sometimes my dad chases me trying to kill me and no one will help me because there is a dead buffalo on my neighbor's driveway. Weird, weird, weird!

Shellie said...

I dreamed of Satan once. Like not just dreamed of him but I think he was in my dream. He is one scary mo fo.