Tuesday, March 11, 2008

{Camping Dreams}

photo from RetroToGo.com

This is my dream trailer. Someday I will buy a vintage Airstream, gut the inside, and remodel it new, but retro! However, if I never find an old Airstream to remodel, this little trailer (seen below) will have to do...either way, I will be in camping heaven!



Ashley said...

So cute! My dad and I actually did that project together when was a kid.. gutted out and redid an old airstream. It was so much fun! these photos are adorable. You should totally do it. You should post photos of your bedroom, I love your style so much, i wanna see how you designed it.

Brandon and Michelle Day said...

I'll be going with you in that! Too cute.

Brittney Andy and Boston said...

When Andy and I retire, are big plan is to buy a "silver twinkie", just like yours, and go to all the major league baseball stadiums in it. So maybe we can hang out together when we are old. We can pull our campers next to each other, pull out some lawn chairs, and sun ourselves with lemonade big hats gold jackets and too much jewelry.

Sarah Marie said...

Um...I'm pretty sure I NEED one of those dream trailers! How cool is that thing?! Awesome. So fun.

When I was a little kid my fam would go camping and we'd sleep inside our VW bus. Ha- such hippies! Then we my sis and I got too big we went regular tent camping.

Shane and Jamie Smith said...

Hi Shannon & Andrew-
Thank you for the nice comment!! I do remember meeting you at the football game and I absolutely love your blog, I hope it would be alright if I came and checked it out once in a while because I love all the ideas that you have. I am so not in tune with the fashion aspect and the decorating motife....I love the trailer remodel idea too, its so cute!!! Thanks again for saying hello, tell Andrew Hi for us as well. Take care