Wednesday, March 19, 2008

{Blast from the past!}

A couple of days ago, the hubs and I were at Walmart grocery shopping. Whenever we pass the toy isle, I like to see what kids are playing with now days! (That makes me sound old) As I strolled down the isle, I noticed the regulars- baby dolls, barbies, and then I noticed one doll in particular that took up almost the entire right side of the isle! Here was this doll with huge eyes magnified by heavy makeup, a sultry look on her face, big, clunky, shoes, a mini skirt, halter top, and a fuzzy jacket...You all know the doll I'm talking out and if you don't, check out the toy section and you'll see for yourself! My brother has a name for doll's like that- the prostitot doll! (Prostitot is a name used when people dress their children or allow their children to dress in inappropriate clothing and/or let their child wear makeup and strut around when they're still little girls!) *sorry if I've offended anyone* I can't believe anyone would let their little girl play with something that portrayed females that way! I'm not a feminist, but please...who wants their little girl to play with a doll that looks like a hooker? Anyway, it got me thinking about toys I used to play with when I was a kid and I took a stroll down memory lane....
Here are a few of my favorites....

I remember the Christmas we got our first Nintendo. Not because I played with it a lot (I was 6, in fact, I don't really remember playing with it at all until a few years later), but my brother and my dad were so excited about it! It came with the gun for Duck Hunt, the pad for World Class Track Meet, and two controllers. When I was finally old enough to figure out how to play, I loved it!
Oh, the days of Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers!

Teddy Ruxpin
This bear told some great stories, but got a little creepy when his talking became slower and lower from the batter running out. That, and he only had one expression. I would turn him around to face the wall at night. Nonetheless, we loved Teddy!

She-RaShe-Ra: Princess of Power! My brother and I would play She-Ra and He-Man for hours! Check out that sword and the sparkly cape- what power and style!

Play DohIt's Play-Doh...enough said!

And last, but not least, my favorite toy ever...

Calico CrittersBack in the day these were called Sylvanian Families (yes, you can see why they changed the name!). They were a collection of miniature animals, dressed in clothes, and came with little houses and furniture.

So there you have it- a blast into my past! Now I want to hear from you! What were your favorite childhood toys? Cartoons? Post about it on your blog and share!


Lisa Kendrick said...

My bishop in a ward we lived in in Texas wrote all the songs for Teddy Ruxpin! Small world, huh?

You've been my blog.

Sarah Marie said...

I have one of the Calico Critters sitting on my desk at work right now! I stole him from my sister a long time ago and found him in my apartment and decided to bring him to work with me. I didn't know he was from the Calico Critters until just now. I just checked out the rest of the Calico Critters online... SOOO cute! Love them!!!!

And yeah, I hate the nasty dolls! HA! I love the name your bro made up for them! Too funny!

The Smith Family said...

I TOTALLY agree. I HATE those bratz dolls! I would rather my girls play with balls, trucks, and books then those ugly things! AND I'm ALL about my kids having dolls of different races. We have a couple of black and hispanic dolls and they are my girls' FAVES. Other kids that come over and play look at them funny and ask their moms questions like... "whats wrong with that doll?" UGH. That makes me SO mad. I REALLY want to expose my kids to EVERY kind of person. Fat, skinny, handicap, tall, short, black, white, yellow, you name it. I think that is SO important. It teaches children tolerance for others and when they start seeing more people outside of their little world, they are more likely not to stare or make rude comments. I hope to instill 'acceptance' into my kids. Thats my goal.
Okay, off my soap box. lol.
OH< by the way... when I was in the hospital for like a MONTH with the twins, I played Nintendo EVERYDAY! Super Mario 3 BABY!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Hahahaha That definately takes me down memory lane too. I will definately have to think of my favorite toys and write them on my blog! Thanks for the great idea!

Shellie said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE Calico critters. I never had one but I always wanted them. I am now going to start buying them for Kate and live vicariously through her. Oh and I'm linking to you so you better link back to me or I'll hire someone to cut you up.