Friday, February 1, 2008

{sock and glove}

Awhile back, I was stalking *ahem*...I mean browsing through various blogs, and I stumbled upon this book. The charming little characters inside intrigued me, and I just had to buy it! It's called Sock and Glove, and it gives simple, easy to follow instructions on how to create various animals from cast-off socks and gloves. I ordered mine from Amazon which took forever, but when I finally did get it, I made a kitty from an old, wool sock. I should have used my sewing machine, but I decided to hand sew it, and I am finally finished!
This is the cat I made. Sewing it reminded me of an old, fabric doll I used to play with when I was very little. I lovingly named her "Ugly Baby", and looking back now she looked a little like a voodoo doll, with blue yarn hair, a black fabric body, and a red (?) dress. (Mom, you probably remember what it looked like better than I do, so correct me if I'm wrong!) I don't remember where I got the little doll, but I am pretty sure my mom was terrifed that her little girl hauled this hidious doll all over the place, so she made me a new one. This new, little fabric doll had a flesh colored fabric body, tame, orange hair, pretty brown eyes, and even a bum. Yes, my mom sewed a peice of thread vertically on her bottom to give her little buttocks! I lovingly named her "Nakey Baby" as she didn't have any clothes like Ugly, and I could see her cheecky bum! Looking at it now (I'll post a picture later) she is the epitome of a sweet, pretty little doll that any little girl would love to play with, but I could never detach myself from Ugly Baby. I'm sure Ugly got worn out and eventually thrown away, and since I never played with Nakey, she rests peacefully, in perfect condition, in a box of old memories in my closet. So someday when I pull this cat out for my kids to play with, I'm sure they'll toss it aside and reach for whatever the "it" toy is at the moment and my little cat will be preserved in a box somewhere...we'll see!!!


The Smith Family said...

Hey, cute cat! I don't even think I know how to sew on a button. LOL... Your better then I am.
I know ALL about the weight loss feeling. I feel like for ME that after I hit 10 lbs sometimes its hard to keep going, because I feel like 10 lbs is a good enough accomplishment. LOL. eh, but THIS time I'm definitely going for 20 and 30. It takes FOREVER. I do the treadmill and I also take some classes at the gym. Like kick boxing and stuff. Just to switch it up a little. I also bought some alli. It's that new weight loss supplement that you can get from Costco. It just helps break down some of the fat you eat. I've only been doing it for like 2 days, so I haven't noticed anything yet, but I hope that after a couple weeks I'll see results. I just felt like I wanted a little PUSH to loose more weight then just diet and exercise alone. Anyway, we'll see how hit goes. I'll keep you posted!

The Badgers said...

NO WAY! That is the neatest thing! I want to make one! K we are getting together. I'm all fat and pregnant but I told Shelley I am hitting the road running with her after I have this baby. I gained all my weight with my first baby. I have maintained my weight with this baby so it won't be too hard. Sweet! Can't wait to see pics of your old doll. What a cute story. Let's set a date. You tell me I am a stay at home mom. Mike works and goes to school. Anytime.

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

That is so neat, Shan! I love it. Maybe I'll have to buy the book... hmmm.... and add it to the zillions of craft projects I have yet to start. That is so cute though. How are you doing? I too, LOVE keeping in touch this way! I love reading your fun, interesting blogs!

BECKY said...

LOVE it... I want that book! Amazon, here we come!