Friday, February 29, 2008

{S.A.D. Song of the Day}

***Warning: If you live in a sunny, beautiful climate year round, you'll have a hard time relating to this post!***

Unfortunatly, I live in a city that is gloomy for about a 1/3 of the year and I get SAD. Seasonal affective disorder is pretty much winter depression. The past few days in Salt Lake have been pretty nice, however it's supposed to snow tommorow, so I thought I'd post this video to bring in some cheer and sunshine!


Ashley said...

I feel that way about the fog here too. I'm ready for some sun. That was such a cute video, I've never seen it before.

The Badgers said...

That song rocks! Summer is around the corner baby. Notice the buds on the Aspen trees, the tulips and other spring bulbs sprouting. And treasure those sunny days. I am with ya.

Sarah Marie said...

I hope the snow doesn't last too long in Salt Lake! Although it doesn't snow over here in Fresno, CA I still totally understand SAD. The gray, short winter days totally bum me out.

I hate waking up in the morning all dark, then being trapped in my office all day (this building seriously has practically NO windows. ahh! hate it) and then going out to my car to find a dark world covered in night at 5:30. Having such short days makes me so grumpy! I'm sooo excited for spring!!! YAY!!!! And I love the long summer days!!! !