Tuesday, February 19, 2008

{Oh what a weekend!}

So, despite my ring breaking, last weekend was a blast! On Saturday Teri, Cyndi, Patsy, Natalie, Amelia, Andrew and I drove down to the Gateway to shop! It was such a nice day! We ate at Z'Tejas after we were shopped out, and it was delish! I recommend the chopped salad...it's to die for!
On Sunday, Andrew's cousin came in town with his cute wife, daughter, and new baby! They're such a sweet little family and we all get a kick out of little Nya. She's about 18 months old and a riot! When the arrived, she had just woken up, so she was a little weary of everyone swooning over her!And finally, my little brother Stephen got engaged Saturday night! He and Ashlyn came over Sunday to show off her lovely ring! I'll admit, I got a little teary, because he is my baby brother, but I'm so happy for them! 06/07/08- save the date!
The Happy CoupleSteve showing his excitement!Ash showing off her "bling bling"!

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Brittney Andy and Boston said...

How come all your friends have really cool mod names? Do you accept applications for friends or just hold try-outs?
Shannon Friend Try-Outs
+ Must be super trendy
+ Must have super cool personality
+ Must have super cool name
+ Must enjoy all things awesome new or crafty.
Seriously though, you have the coolest family and friends....life